New Digs During Construction

There are two more days until we uproot everything we own and move it about twenty minutes away from where it now rests. That probably seems a lot less significant when you put it that way than it really is.  Honestly, we’re moving from a 100 year old historic home to a brand new home.  We’re going to save a lot on utilities and taxes.  We’re going to halve all commutes and school trips.  We’re going to have a house without drafts, where the doors and windows work…there are are many other things.

As a writer and publisher, I hope it will free up more time, help me organize the clutter, and in general give me a better attitude.  All of these are productive things moving into a new year.  I hope it will bring more serenity to the family.  I hope we’ll like the new place, the neighborhood, and the situation.  I don’t know where my computer will sit, or where I’ll write – that will be new.

Still, I can’t imagine anything more refreshing than a total reboot, and that’s basically what has been accomplished here.  I won’t take much credit for it – Trish worked long and hard to find a place; providence dropped buyers into our lap in a market when we had no good expectation of finding one…the stars apparently aligned.  I’m good with that.

Exciting things will happen with publishing this year – both digital and audio – and if all works out, even some print.  Who knows?  Maybe the long-awaited book featuring myself and Neil Gaimain writing fiction inspired by the art of Lisa Snellings will happen.  I believe it might…we are one story away, and Neil has begun writing it.

For now, I have to wait.  In a few days, we’ll be in a new place.  I’ll have more to say then.  For now, I will fill the hours with the current ghost-writing project and some publishing catch-up…

Change that makes a difference…