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Meet my series character Donovan Dechance in the first of his adventures.  Motorcycles, leather jackets, a young artist with an amazing ability – voodoo – and of course…  DRAGONS. Pass this link on.  Spend some time reading… This is a chance to try this new series at no cost…

This is My Blood – .99 from Now until the 11th.


This Is My Bloodweb

This is My Blood was the first novel I ever sold.  In the end, my Star Trek Voyager novel, Chrysalis, came out before this one, but that was only due to the failure of the original publisher to actually – well – publish the book.  The journey to publication would make a story unto itself, but I’m not going to cover it at this point.

One day, in the middle of the ocean, a group of us were sitting around, playing music, drinking coffee, and working on the various creative endeavors that kept us sane.  Out of the blue, someone said: “What if Jesus was a vampire?”  There are a lot of flaws in such a story – though others have tried to write it – and I was quick to point them out.  I was, after all, not that far past the period of my life where Christianity and I parted ways.  I had studied with an eye toward the ministry at one point, and I’d read the book – several times.

What I proposed, eventually, was that it made much more sense if someone close to Jesus was a vampire.  Someone he trusted.  Someone who could account for the rising of the dead in three days, without it actually being the man himself behind it all.  I didn’t write about it then, I thought about it, and I filed it away with a lot of other ideas.  Eventually I wrote a novelette – A Candle in the Sun – that was published in Starshore Magazine, then reprinted in Year’s Best Horror XIX, edited by Karl Edward Wagner, and has since been reprinted nearly a half dozen more times.  It was good – everyone agreed that it was good, but I knew that it wasn’t complete.  I just wasn’t ready to do the thing justice.

Then, on a completely different cruise, locked in a transmitter room with a 386 computer, a Deskjet 500 inkjet printer, and a CD Player loaded with Concrete Blonde & Depeche Mode, I realized it was time.  I had a marked up, four inch tall copy of the New Testament that the Gideon Society had presented the ship with, and I had notes.  I started out, jumping from gospel to gospel when some part of the story either had a hole, or was missing something important.  As I went, I crafted large chunks of The Gospel According to Judas Iscariot, because I’d always thought he got a raw deal in the original mix, and I wanted him for a hero.

This is My Blood is a different telling of a very old story.  I changed none of the order of things, nor did I change the outcome – only the road to reach that outcome.  Mary Magdalene, raised by Lucifer in the desert to tempt Jesus in the guise of a woman, instead refused – wanting to return to Heaven.  Lucifer cursed her to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, feeding on the faithful, and claimed she would become his undoing.

That is where my story starts.  You will find the king’s daughter, raised from the dead, Lazarus, all the apostles in their flawed faith, and a narrator – in Mary – who does not depend on faith, but sees with the eyes of one who KNOWS what is truth, and is not impressed with the spirituality of men.  Lilith also plays a sizeable part in this book.

All that I learned, figured out on my own, and wanted to repeat of The Bible, Christianity, faith, and – I suppose – of shadows – was tied up in this early work of mine.  I have since come to believe that ancient myths should be left to the ancient societies who created them, and that we should worry more over our own self-worth than that of others.  I don’t believe there are any spiritual rules laid down in the words of long dead men that I should follow, but I do believe that men know, inherently, the difference between right, and wrong, and that all choices made in that area are their own.  No free ticket out for asking forgiveness, and no pit of fire for failures.

You’ll find that, I think, in the pages of This is My Blood. You’ll also find fantasy, vampires, and a lot more.  I hope you’ll read it, and that you’ll like it as much as others have.  Below are some links to reviews the book has received in the past – I include them here because I believe they are proof I have reached people with this book.  I love reading the reviews of this book in particular because, for one thing, it was my first – and for another, it has affected so many people in so many ways.  Here is the very first – from Publisher’s Weekly:

“Religious ecstasy and vampiric bloodlust blend to potent effect in this horror-oriented alternate history of early Christianity. Debut novelist Wilson casts Mary Magdelene as a spirit created by the Devil to tempt Christ. When Mary refuses the mission, Satan rebukes Jesus and curses her to become a vampire: “She will hunger for that which You fight to preserve. She will thirst for the blood of manAthe lives, the very souls You seek to save will be her bread.” Mary follows Christ, hoping for a miracle that will allow her to gain eternal salvation even as her vampiric nature forces her to kill to survive. Through her inhuman eyes, and through the writings of Judas’s own gospel, The Book of Judas, Wilson shows Christ and his disciples at work, lending a decidedly different perspective to miracles such as feeding the multitudes with a few loaves and fishes or raising Lazarus from the dead. Here, Judas is steady and loyal, while Peter, possessed by the Devil, betrays Christ to the soldiers at Gethsemane, forcing both Judas and Mary to sacrifice what they love most in order to ensure Christ’s resurrection and the Church’s future. Wilson’s prose is smooth and powerful, carrying its allegorical weight with grace. His first novel is one of the most unique vampire stories to appear in recent years, balancing themes of damnation and prophesy against those of faith and redemption.” – Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Michelle Prendergast’s Reveiw

The Flames Rising Review

The Goodreads Reviews




Heart of a Dragon – Featured at Kindle Books & Tips – .99 limited time


Book I of the DeChance Chronicles – Heart of a Drago – is featured at Kindle Books and Tips Blog

Heart of a Dragon – Book I of the DeChance Chronicles, by David Niall Wilson, is regularly $3.99 but has been discounted to just $0.99 today in the Amazon Kindle store. This book has received an average user rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 10 customer reviews.

Category: Fantasy



Here is the book’s description from the Amazon website:

Author’s Revised Edition

Donovan DeChance is a collector of ancient manuscripts and books, a practicing mage, and a private investigator. Over the span of a long life, he has gathered and archived the largest occult library in the world.

When a local houngan begins meddling with powers she may not be able to control, a turf war breaks out between the Dragons motorcycle club and the Los Escorpiones street gang—a war that threatens to open portals between worlds and destroy the city in the process.

With his lover, Amethyst, his familiar, Cleo – an Egyptian Mau the size of a small bobcat –the dubious aid of a Mexican sorcerer named Martinez and the budding gifts of a young artist named Salvatore, DeChance begins a race against time, magic, and almost certain death.

The fate of the city rests on his success, and on the rare talent of a boy who walks in two worlds, and dreams of dragons

Click here or type in into your web browser to pick up your copy ofHeart of a Dragon – Book I of the DeChance Chronicles.



Thanksgiving Note to All Who Have Supported Crossroad Press




Several years back i got the crazy idea to start getting my old books and stories digitized, and I started a very long, very involved learning curve that led me through the creation of Macabre Ink, and then the expanded Crossroad Press Digital, and finally – to what we have now – Crossroad Press Publications – print, audio, and eBooks from more than 130 authors.

First and foremost I want to thank David Dodd, who came on board early on and has been a lifesaver to the company.  He is the master of spreadsheets, formatting scanned documents, and keeping me organized through years that have not grown simpler, but crazier – mostly in good ways.  He is also responsible for a HUGE number of book covers, a talent he took up from scratch and has brought to an artform.

Many don’t understand how little of what we make, we keep.  If we invest any money at all up front in a book, it can take hundreds of sales for us to even break even.  Why?  Because we have stood by our guns, and will continue to stand by our guns.  This is an author’s first company, and most of the money goes to them.  This means some books never make us any money, and others make us a lot – we share the risk, and the profit.  We do what we can to promote and build readership, and I can tell you that the number of hours spent doing this is incredible – for myself, Dave Dodd, the love of my life Patricia Lee Macomber who has edited HUNDREDS of books in recent months – Kurt Criscione, Daz Pulsford, Anita Smith and an entire small army of proof readers have helped us present clean products, and as we’ve always said – the beauty of digital is you can fix things.  We have been quick (and will remain quick) when it comes to remedying any mistakes we make or problems found by others.

I could go on and on with the thanks but instead, I’ll just end this with some pretty impressive numbers, and let it go at that:

Here is a short growth curve (rounded slightly in some cases) to show how our company has grown since 2010.

…………………Net Sales…………………………………Royalties to authors
2010………… 3094…………………………………………$4,324.39
2011……….. 27,971……………………………………..$56,268.51
2013……….170,523…………………………………….$197,600.00 (so far)

We are looking forward to great things ahead.  We are making inroads in promotion, and have completely redesigned our website, and our presence, breaking into imprints for the various age groups and genres.  You can see the beginnings of this at OUR NEW WEBSITE – once we get all of the author pages populated on all the various imprint sites, it will be much simpler to find our books, and our authors, without digging through more than 700 digital titles at the old online store.  We have also published more than 350 unabridged audiobook titles, and have an impressive number of books available in print.   Right now we are hard at work on the Official Book of the Winter Olympics – 2014 edition – which should be huge for us.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and to all of you  – readers, listeners, authors, copy-editors, partners, and family.  Thank you…  I can honestly say, I never saw this coming.

-David Niall Wilson

Nevermore – Special price .99 from October 30th to November 16


Nevermore_webIn celebration of the author turning another year older, and Halloween, and Edgar Allan Poe, and all that … I’m dropping the price of Nevermore – A Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe to only $0.99 from now until the 16th of November.  This will be featured a few places, maybe win a winder audience…one can certainly hope!

You will find that the sale price is good at Barnes & – and at the Crossroad Press Online Store – if you search this blog, you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about this novel – reviews, interviews with me, interviews with characters in the book itself – starting to be one of my most popular works.

In addition to this savings, if you are an customer, and you buy the eBook for only .99 – you can download the unabridged Audiobook as well through the Whispersync for Voice program – it is narrated by Gigi Shane and she did a wonderful job.  I’m very proud of this book, and I figured – while launching in to my 54th year of life, I’d start out by sharing something with all of you… so here you go.

Get them while they’re cheap!  Also available in hardcover and trade paperback at all of the above vendors…

For interested fans – NANOWRIMO is about to start.  This year I will be writing “The Not Quite Right Reverend Cletus J. Diggs & The Crazy Case of Foreman James,” the long awaited sequel to “The Currently Accepted Habits of Nature.”  Stay tuned!


Nevermore Included in Storybundle Thriller Package!


All CoversI am privileged and excited to be included in one of these very cool eBook bundles – a chance for readers to get a bunch of books cheap – and for authors to reach a new and wider audience.  I’m not going to go on about it – all the details are below.  The image is linked to the Storybundle site.


Thrillers come in many different shapes and sizes and we’ve assembled a wide spectrum of tastes in this new thriller set, available Oct 22 through Nov 12. From worldwide conspiracies to rampaging kaiju creations, this bundle has it all!

StoryBundle’s Thriller Bundle is curated by international bestselling author Joseph Nassise, and includes his own novel The Cerberus Protocol, the first in a high-octane action thriller series written with long-time friend and co-writer Jon F. Merz. “We wanted to combine the action and suspense of the thriller genre with the chills of dark fantasy, which we think is a perfect combination for the autumn thriller bundle.” Nassise is best known for his internationally bestselling Templar Chronicles series and is a regular contributor to the Rogue Angel thriller series from Gold Eagle/Harlequin.

Joining Nassise and Merz are a host of fantastic authors bringing some truly original works – award-winner Christopher Golden brings the first in his Body of Evidence series; bestseller Jeremy Robinson treats us to a kaiju thriller to rival Pacific Rim; supernatural thriller writer David Niall Wilson shares a novel of love, loss, and Edgar Allen Poe, bestseller Russell Blake gets dark and deadly in a noir detective thriller. The U.K. contingent rounding out our bundle is equally impressive – #1 U.K. bestsellers Steven Savile, Zoe Sharp and Sean Black all deliver tension-filled excitement in their action-oriented thrillers.

Nassise, who assembled this talented collection of writers, says, “I wanted to showcase the variety inherent in the thriller genre today and decided that only the best would do. To that end I put together a group of bestselling and award-winning writers, knowing the result would be an impressive showcase of the very best the genre has to offer.”

The initial titles in the Thriller Bundle are:

  • The Cerberus Protocol by Joseph Nassise and Jon F. Merz
  • Body Bags by Christopher Golden
  • Project Nemesis by Jeremy Robinson
  • First Drop by Zoe Sharp
  • Nevermore by David Niall Wilson
  • Black by Russell Blake

If you pay more than the bonus price of just $10, you get all six of the regular books, plus two bonus titles, which include:

  • Ogmios by Steven Savile – a three-in-one omnibus edition that includes the novels Solomon’s Sealwritten with Steve Lockley, Lucifer’s Machine written with Rick Chesler, and Wargod written with Sean Ellis.
  • Lock & Load by Sean Black, a Ryan Lock novella

That’s a total of ten novels in all!

The bundle is available for a very limited time only, via StoryBundle, and allows for easy reading on computers, mobile devices and Kindles via file transfer, email, or other methods, with multiple DRM-free formats (.epub and .mobi) available for each book.

It’s also super easy to give the gift of reading with StoryBundle, thanks to our gift cards—which allow you to send someone a code that they can redeem for any future StoryBundle bundle—and timed delivery, which allows you to control exactly when your recipient will get the gift of StoryBundle.

Why StoryBundle? Here are just a few benefits StoryBundle provides.

  • Get quality reads: We’ve chosen works from excellent authors to bundle together in one convenient package.
  • Pay what you want: You decide how much six fantastic books are worth to you. If you can only spare a little, that’s fine! You’ll still get access to six thrilling titles.
  • Support authors: StoryBundle is a platform for authors to get exposure for their works, both for the titles featured in the bundle and for the rest of their catalog.
  • Give to worthy causes: Bundle buyers have a chance to donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. We’re currently featuring Mighty Writers and Girls Write Now.
  • Receive extra books: If you beat our bonus price, you’re not just getting four novellas, you’re getting seven!

StoryBundle was created to give a platform for independent authors to showcase their work, and a source of quality titles for thirsty readers. StoryBundle works with authors to create bundles of ebooks that can be purchased by readers at their desired price. Before starting StoryBundle, Founder Jason Chen covered technology and software as an editor for and

For more information, visit our website at, Twitter us at @storybundle, Like us on Facebook, and Plus us on Google Plus. For press inquiries, please email

15 Supernatural Thrillers for Halloween! I'm in it!


15 Supernatural Thrillers for Halloween – An infographic by the team at supernatural thrillers


Killer Green – From Twitter to Screenplay to Option to Novel Reviews Needed



Here’s the deal. Back in 2009 a very warped idea was conceived on the social media micro-blogging site, Twitter. It became my latest novel – KILLER GREEN. This project has done well so far depending on social media as it’s platform, so I’m reaching out again. The book needs readers and reviews. I will therefore gift 20 copies of this book to folks willing to review it on – and I’m making this call through the blog where the original screenplay that became this novel was written and shared – and through Twitter and Facebook, where it has continued to exist – largely due to the friends and online family that helped bring it to life. Below is the Author’s introduction to the book, which gives the whole sordid story of the screenplay and it’s journey to eBook – soon print and unabridged audio. To receive your copy either DM me on Twitter at @David_n_Wilson – send me a message on Facebook at or send an e-mail to david AT macabreink DOT com. First 20 in get the books. Tell me your preferred eBook format in your note, and if you want the Kindle book, please supply the e-mail you use on Amazon so I can gift it to you.

Here is the Synopsis for those who have missed it: Quentin Tarantino meets Smokey & The Bandit in this noir, science-fiction thriller. Sometimes, people just need killing. When Sam West wanders into the Sunny-Side-Up Diner for the last time, hoping for a last slice of Mort’s world-class pie, and one last look at a waitress named Delilah, he has no idea he’s about to become the instrument of a great, karmic cleansing. The only thing crazier than the seemingly inevitable trail of bodies following Sam and Delilah south is the fact that – as State Police and local sheriffs begin to investigate – they find no evidence. Nothing. And the missing bodies are just the start, as an unlikely band of companions are drawn together in a scientific experiment more in line with the TV Series Fringe than anything in reality, with the threat of alien probes, local law enforcement, and rednecks around every corner.

Click Here for the Full Story – The Author’s Introduction and the Twitter handles of all those fine folk who became the cast and crew…

The Cuckoo's Calling and Why J. K. Rowling is My Hero


adumbI’m listening to the audiobook of J. K. Rowling’s pseudonymous mystery / thriller, The Cuckoo’s Calling – narrated by Robert Glenister and attributed to the fictional author Robert Galbraith.  I will start by saying it’s a thoroughly enjoyable book, and that I’m very pleased to have been in on the secret prior to reading it, because there are hints of Hogwarts I might have missed otherwise, like the victim – Lula Landry – can’t help but remind one of Luna Lovegood, and the accented voice of Cormoran Strike, our erstwhile detective, when performed by Robert Glenister, resonates with hints of Hagrid.  This is not a review of the book; I have other things on my mind, but I have to say, I am loving the characters, the story, and the narration, as I would expect to, the work having been created by a favorite author.

That brings me to the crux of the matter, though.  I almost didn’t get the opportunity.  The book, first released as a novel by Robert Galbraith, would likely have slipped past me unnoticed.  It received what your average novel with a slight leg up might see – came out in hardcover and got a short bit of press, and then began to fade quietly into obscurity, despite solid, positive reviews.  All of this changed, of course, when people learned that it was J. K. Rowling behind the pen, and that she’d managed to put one over on the literary world.  There are now more reviews of the audiobook on than I have sold of my last book…and considering the low percentage of listeners who take the time to rate, or review, the numbers become staggering pretty quickly.

A couple of things occur.  I am betting that Rowling’s agent and publisher were never as enthusiastic about this as she was.  I am guessing they tried to tell her how hard such a transition to another genre was going to be.  I am also guessing it was their idea for the book to come out under a pseudonym.  I’m of two minds on this.

For one thing, I am fairly certain that it is doing as well as it is partially BECAUSE of the revealed secret.  The sad fact is that the subject of my post here (which I promise to get to eventually) is as evident in readers as it is in publishers and editors.  If this book had come out as a mystery novel by J. K. Rowling, it would have done well, but it probably would not have been the phenomenon that it is.  Many people would have nodded and smiled, but waited in hopes she’d come back with more Potter.  It’s happened to others – John Grisham, and “The Painted House” which is one of his best books, and also slowest performing.  The truth is; the “branding” everyone is so hot to create for authors is a two-edged sword, because, by definition – you are branded.

I have mentioned this before, but never attacked it head on.  Limiting an author to what an editor, an agent, or even the public expects and wants to hear from them is a horrible, soul-sucking thing.  Only at the very top end of publishing, the Kings and Koontz’s of the world, can the bonds be broken, and in most cases it’s because the author’s name has grown so powerful it’s a genre unto itself.  Anyone mid-list and below with even moderate success who comes to their agent or editor with something completely different is probably going to be ignored, harangued, or at the very best, forced into a pseudonym – where the book will be treated like any first book and forgotten, and the editor / agent will say SEE?  Of all the evils and horrors of the world of publishing as it has grown over the years, bloating, shifting control to agents (who are supposed to work FOR writers) giving marketing control over content, when marketing as often as not wouldn’t know a book if it slapped them in the face but DOES know the lowest-common-sales denominator, and, of course that’s more important than quality, the forcing of authors into “molds” is the most insidious and has probably cost us the most in terms of wonderful, forgotten books.

Writers are artists.  They perform at their optimum capability when creating what they need to create, not what someone wants to sell.  The farther you stray from this truth, the more generic and cookie-cutter the work becomes.  I have not been categorized – not really – because I’ve yet to have one of my books take off.  I am certain that if one of them does, that is what I’ll be known for, and judged against, and shelved by… and I will have to fight against that because I simply enjoy writing what excites me too much to go back to writing what someone else thinks I ought to.

J. K. Rowling is my hero because she did what she wanted to do, and then, she made it powerful.  She put herself and her name behind it and said “This is what I wanted to write,” and it is GOOD – and I love her for that.  I only wish she had not needed to prove the worth of the book by hiding it under another name, and that publishing, the reading public, and life were not so caught up in the notion that you have to buy the known quantity.  The movie with the top actor.  The book with the biggest name-brand and associated with the history of that brand.  The car some idiot drove too fast in a movie that is (in fact) nothing like the one you can buy…

You should all go and read The Cuckoo’s Calling because it’s a wonderful book, and because a talented author wrote it.  You should not read it because she wrote Harry Potter… but because you recognize and appreciate her talent.  You should not have to make that choice, but the world has put it in front of you…  How many people read 50 shades of crap, just because there was a big hoopla over it, and in SPITE of the almost absolute agreement among critics, authors, and readers that the writing wasn’t good?  How many people – also despite all of that – will go and buy the book on writing written by this person who by all accounts writes poorly – because it has her name on it? How many of you – honestly – who read or are reading The Cuckoos Calling would have done so if J. K. Rowling had been on the cover originally, and there had never been a secret, or a big deal made of the revealing of that secret?

The question is, of course – can writers make their way writing what they want to write, and can readers learn to pick books – not because of advertising hype, or “branding”  – but because of quality?  Or will publishing, despite it’s changing face, always make buying books as much like buying cereal as it is like art?



The Blog Tour Comes to an End. Buy the Book Already…


lolravenAnd so more than a month of blogging, interviewing, pimping, and otherwise striving to find ways to introduce Nevermore, A Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe to the world has reached its end.  Yesterday the final two blog posts went live – they are linked below, along with all of the other stops along the way.  More than 40,000 words written to promote a book that is about 52,000 words long…  I must be crazy.

But I love this book.  I have huge faith in the story, and the characters.  Reviews have borne this out – but no matter what I do, or say, despite a “social media reach” that should be in the ten thousand range, the book only trickles out.  Such is a writer’s life.

I’ve been buried nose deep in writing The Note Quite Right Reverend Cletus J. Diggs and The Crazy Case of Foreman James, and in marketing / formatting / proofing and editing books for Crossroad Press all along, but I’ve dedicated myself to pushing this book. I will remain so dedicated. You should go and buy it and read it.  If you are a print only person, it’s available in hardcover and trade paperback.  If you like eBooks, it’s available in every format at a cost of only $2.99 for the moment (the sale price I set it at for the promotion).  If all of that fails to move you, Gigi Shane has narrated an unabridged audiobook of the novel which is fabulous, her voice bringing things to the novel that the written word cannot.  I can’t think of a single thing to say beyond what I have said in all the posts below, and all the blog posts pointing people toward them, so I will now let this go.

Congratulations to those who have entered to win copies of the book; I will have your names / etc. soon and will have all the copies out to you.

-DNW | Barnes & Noble | Crossroad Press



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