The Rebuilding Process … Bio and Books


It is not an easy thing to erase (well I didn’t erase it, but I backed up and removed it – very similar) years of posts and words and thoughts and images.  Sometimes, though, it’s a necessary thing.  Purging, they say, is good for the soul.  I think that applies to blogs, possibly even better than it actually applies to souls.  I think that the experience of running this blog for so long will aid me in making it a better, simpler, more organized way for readers, authors, friends, and family to keep up with me.  If Facebook / whateverstream / Twitter / Etc. all fail or drop away, I will have this place.  Most of what I post in those other streams will originate here … that is the plan, anyway.

For now, I have updated to my most recent bio – and I have added images and links for the greater part of my books.  Next I’ll do a similar page for my audiobooks.  We’ll see what else gets added – stories, at some point, though I dread re-inventing the wheel on that.  I already did a really cool online tracking thing in PHP for my stories – but it was too complicated, and I stopped updating it a while back, and so – it’s no longer accurate, and unlikely to become so…and I move on.

What do YOU think?


Time to Move into a New Format


I’ve been horrifyingly silent here at the ol’ blog…and I believe the reason for this is that it is no longer the same thing to me it once was. That was a place to spout off, to try and market, to talk about what’s new and fascinating…and though all of that is still part of my life, the focus has shifted.

Now there is the writing, Crossroad Press, which has taken off like I never expected, and family. Beyond that it’s difficult to find time to post. What I intend to do is to re-invent this blog into something that fits those three priorities and blends with them … a place that presents my writing, links to my publishing company, and gives me an outlet for the other things I enjoy without being so busy and crowded and crazy. I have downloaded the blog, and I’ll import it into an archive and dig through it for things that are really important…I can bring those back shortly.

Expect the shift near the first of the year…and to those of you who still come here occasionally to see if I am writing anything…I am. Just not here. Soon…

For now…Merry Christmas…


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