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Why I'm glad Nevermore Was Not Traditionally Published & Return of Blog Tour


2chikinsSo, I’ve been conducting this blog tour for some time now.  Today I’m nearly at twenty separate posts, trying to convince you that the read you must complete this summer is Nevermore, a Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe.  I think I must not be very good at this – I’ve averaged about one sale per post…but I slog on – it’s what writers do.

On an unrelated note – while my beloved San Diego Chargers did not win their first preseason game, the “starters” were nearly unstoppable.  I am pleased.  In honor of that today’s featured image is NOT a cute cat, but my favorite football lol – a shot taken from a game between the JETS (note this – it’s important) and the Chargers a few years back.

I discovered something very cool on Friday.  I found the lost, hand-written manuscript to a novel that was well on its way to completion.  “The Not Quite Right Reverend Cletus J. Diggs & The Crazy Case of Foreman James”.  I wrote this in small bursts just before going to sleep each night.  I was well into the book when we finally sold our old historic home in Hertford, NC and moved to the new house in the county.  During that move…the notebook disappeared.  Lost.  Gone.  No sign of it, and I had (at that point) only typed out about 1,000 words of it.  NOT a good feeling, I can tell you.  On the other hand, FINDING that after all this time has been a very cool thing, and I’ve been busily typing it into the computer so that I can move on, finish the story, and get it out to the world.

While I’m working on that, though, you should all pop over to “What Reader’s Want” – where you’ll find today’s blog post on why I’m glad Nevermore did not come out from a traditional publisher…and you should get yourself a copy of the book.  It’s discounted from $4.99 to $2.99 for the length of the tour.  You can get the print editions at a bargain price at the Crossroad Press Store … the audiobook is amazing, thanks to narrator Gigi Shane…  Go have a visit with Edgar.

Here’s an excerpt from today’s post, and a link to the rest!

“I am here to talk about my new novel, Nevermore, a Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe. One of the questions I’ve been asked over and over again is – what type of book is it? What genre? Where would it be shelved? Let me tell you, this is a question I’ve come to hate – and I believe it’s probably among the most hated questions asked of most authors, because the simple fact is – it’s a novel. It has romance. It has dark fantasy. It has magic, and history, and even alternate history. It’s got action and adventure, and could probably be shelved without anyone batting an eye in the horror section, the urban fantasy section, and the paranormal romance section of a major bookstore.

The simple truth is, if my book got stuck on any of those shelves, I think a lot of people who would love it would never see it…” =>Read the entire post at the What Readers Want blog!



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New Paradigms for Authors


As we have worked, poked, and prodded Crossroad Press into something fluid – a publisher that works with change instead of against it and strives to provide opportunity where so many times in the past it seemed there was none, some important shifts have occurred.  I wanted to take just a moment to talk about some of the things we can do and that we are doing with authors, their backlists, and their new material.

In the old days – if you wrote a series, you were at the mercy of your publisher.  If they decided, for instance, after two or three volumes were published, that they no longer wanted to continue the series – odds are that series was dead.  Getting a new publisher to take book three, or four of a series was iffy at best, and usually never happened.

At Crossroad Press, we are more than willing to take up a viable series that is already in progress and help the author to continue it.  In fact, if you have books two and three of something that died long ago lying about…you should contact us.  There is no reason you can’t continue to publish your series, and if the original publisher is actually still offering the earlier books, the two sets can only feed off of one another.  Something to think about.

Another thing is those books you may have written on spec for a series, or a particular editor or agent, who decided to go a different direction, or just flat turned you down.  No reason your work should go to waste.  We’ve actually developed a couple of original series – The Tales of the Scattered Earth and O.C.L.T. to allow a lot of genre series books to be re-vamped slightly and published…again – this was not something that was going to happen under the old publishing models.

Cross genre books.  How many authors write what they want to write, and how many write what they, their agent, or some editor they are trying to please believes will sell?  How many have a novel, or two, or twenty, that has never seen the light of day?  Why?  If you are a successful horror author with a mystery and a fantasy and a young adult you’ve written that no one would touch because you are a horror writer?  For God’s sake…contact me.  I am willing to bet that if more authors were writing what they feel like writing, the quality would leap dramatically.

Lastly – old books you think aren’t good enough anymore, or are dated, or you just aren’t sure about.  We have done one such title, revised heavily in collaboration with a second author – retitled – and back into the publishing mix.  We have more in line.  If you were forced to rush, or compromise, hated your cover, your title…guess what?  We care what YOU think, and we’re here to work with you.

The world has shifted.  Stephen King’s Roland would say – The World has passed on – Ka is a wheel, after all.  Publishing, also, is a wheel.  Don’t let it grind you under…wheels are for traveling.  Climb aboard.


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