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The Tour Rolls on: 5 Star Review & Keeping a Series New


stoopy bookA lot of people who read my blog are writers. This is a two-edged sword, of course.  I love the camaraderie and the sharing of ideas, but at the same time if a cruise-ship full of readers wanted to virtually dock here and start buying books – that would rock.   Anyway, today’s post was – a little bit – for the authors in the crowd.  It’s featured over at The Realm of Fantasy and Fiction.  The subject of this post is keeping a series new and fresh – not falling into the routine, formulaic morass that can suck you down and take something magical away from your characters…  There is also a very positive, five star review of Nevermore on their site…which is greatly appreciated.

Here’s a snippet from today’s guest post:

“Early in my career I wrote a lot of licensed fiction. I wrote a Star Trek Novel –Star Trek Voyager #12: Chrysalis, and I wrote a number of novels for a company called White Wolf in their “World of Darkness,” which grew from their game Vampire, the Masquerade. I wrote a trilogy about a vampire named Montrovant and his quest to find the Holy Grail, which he believed would allow him to walk in sunlight. I wrote a “Wraith” novel, and another for their game “Exalted” – I even wrote the Dark Ages clan novel – Lasombra, and ¼ of the clan novel Malkavian. For me it was a way of getting novels out there with my name on them, and to hone my writing abilities for my own projects.

A lot happened in the middle of my life, and I’m not going into that here, but I had a very slow period that nearly derailed me completely. When the dust cleared, I found that no one remembered who I was –at least, readers didn’t. People still read and loved my trilogy, and commented on the Star Trek book (lover or hate on that one, it seems) – but no one seemed really interested in what was coming next. I bumped through several agents, wrote a few things, even did a bunch of ghost-writing that was interesting and paid the bills…”  ==>READ THE REST at The Realm of Fantasy & Fiction.


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The DeChance Chronicles … an Introduction


Now in digital, books I and II of The DeChance Chronicles.  For those who were around for the first iteration – Vintage Soul, which was originally the first book, is now Volume II, following Heart of a Dragon.  Chronologically, it’s the correct order, and a lot of the complaints I had about not developing Donovan and his supporting cast I think I answered in Heart of a seemed the proper shift.  Volume III – Kali’s Tale- will be written sometime in the next year, if I can keep my schedule properly aligned.

Anyway…here are short synopses of both books.  Heart of a Dragon is on sale from now until May 25th as I discuss it for my “Book of the Week” on my Official Facebook Page.  Vintage Soul has just been released at $2.99, also in digital.  Both are in production as audiobooks, and both will be in trade paperback by the end of the year.

Donovan DeChance is a collector of ancient manuscripts and books, a practicing mage, and a private investigator.

BOOK I – HEART OF A DRAGON – Also an Unabridged Audiobook Narrated by Corey Snow

When Anya Cabrera, a Voodoo Houngan in San Valencez California’s Barrio, tampers with the ceremony that draws the  Loa to possess the faithful, Donovan DeChance, book collector, mage, and private investigator is contacted immediately.  Donovan helps to maintain the balance of supernatural forces in the city – and that balance is in serious danger.

The Dragons, a local motorcycle gang, live under a shaky truce with a neighboring Hispanic gang, Los Escorpiones, who are now aligned with Anya. The two groups face off in a battle that becomes more than the Dragons expected. Los Escorpiones are faster than they should be, and stronger. When they are stabbed, or shot – they get back up and keep on fighting.
Old Martinez, a local sorcerer and medicine man who has helped maintain peace in the Barrio for longer than anyone else can remember stands with The Dragons.. A young man he has been slowly mentoring, Salvatore Domingo Sanchez, joins him. Salvatore, is an artist, and he dreams of dragons.  When Salvatore begins to paint the dragons from his dreams on the leather jackets of the Dragons of the Barrio, the balance begins to shift.
Can Donovan, his lover and partner Amethyst, Martinez and Salvatore find a way to stop Anya Cabrera from unleashing a demon army on San Valencez – or will their efforts release an even greater danger into the city? HEART OF A DRAGON is the story of an artist, ancient evil, dragons, voodoo and men. It is a story of courage, brotherhood, and other worlds.


When, despite the finest in natural and supernatural security, a sexy and well-loved, three hundred year old lady vampire is kidnapped right out from under her lover’s nose, Donovan is called in to investigate.

He soon finds that there is much more to the case than a simple abduction when an unknown intruder invades his home and steals a very rare, very ancient manuscript. There will be no ransom for the kidnap victim, and if Donovan doesn’t prevent an ancient, forbidden ritual from reaching its culmination, far more than a single vampire’s undead existence will be at stake.

Calling on his lover and partner, Amethyst, and an odd assortment of contacts, informants, and connections, Donovan follows the ghostly trail of the kidnapper through a winding maze of intrigue-always a step behind-through magical battles, murders, and confrontations with a rogue band of young vampires intent on beating Donovan at his own game.

Vintage Soul is a dark urban supernatural mystery with a hint of romance. Set in an underground society, a city within the city of San Valencez, California, it opens portals to the unknown darkness that surrounds us. Fast-paced, strewn with clues, investigation, and magic, this is a book sure to slake the appetites of fans of mystery and the supernatural.

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