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The Rebuilding Process … Bio and Books


It is not an easy thing to erase (well I didn’t erase it, but I backed up and removed it – very similar) years of posts and words and thoughts and images.  Sometimes, though, it’s a necessary thing.  Purging, they say, is good for the soul.  I think that applies to blogs, possibly even better than it actually applies to souls.  I think that the experience of running this blog for so long will aid me in making it a better, simpler, more organized way for readers, authors, friends, and family to keep up with me.  If Facebook / whateverstream / Twitter / Etc. all fail or drop away, I will have this place.  Most of what I post in those other streams will originate here … that is the plan, anyway.

For now, I have updated to my most recent bio – and I have added images and links for the greater part of my books.  Next I’ll do a similar page for my audiobooks.  We’ll see what else gets added – stories, at some point, though I dread re-inventing the wheel on that.  I already did a really cool online tracking thing in PHP for my stories – but it was too complicated, and I stopped updating it a while back, and so – it’s no longer accurate, and unlikely to become so…and I move on.

What do YOU think?


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