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Today I decided to try and go back through my old Live Journal in search of the first time I mentioned a particular project.  That project, a three-way collaboration that is very important to me, turned out to date all the way back to December of 2003.  In fact, it dates back to about a week before Katie was born – because when I found it, I also found another memory – the realization that Trish and I were going to create a life together…a collaboration of a much more intimate and important kind…still in progress, and doing very well, in case you wonder.

I discovered a lot of things digging through all those years of blog posts.  I found, for instance, that I used to post every day.  I always talked about writing, because I was always writing.  We were in our “American Pickers” stage, using eBay and local auctions to fill in the gaps in our ability to pay bills – so there were descriptions of antiques and collectibles.  I actually reviewed every CD in my collection (at least the ones I had at work) which was about 200 reviews…four or five a day.

Now I post irregularly.  I write the same way.  I am caught up in ghost-writing projects to supplement our income, which takes up a lot less of our house than the eBay business did, but also takes up a lot of creative energy…and I post about publishing.  Digital publishing, audiobooks – I’m caught up in a whole lot of new things that I hadn’t even dreamed up back in 2003.

I’m going to go digging some more and find some of the cool things I posted back then…and share them here.  I’m also going to try to be more “in the moment” – more creative, and more “real.”  AND…

If that one author out there who could finish the project I went all the way back in time to discover the roots of sees this (unlikely as he is immeasurably more famous than I am and incredibly busy) I hope he finds the other half of the words needed for the last story in that book…

I want to see it published…and to see what people think.  I finished my five stories for the book back in 2005 – and I have records (in the Live Journal) of the process of writing most of them.  Those are five stories no one has read…and that makes me sad…because it’s readers that matter.  Writers are a dime a dozen…


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