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.99 Promo / Sale On the Third Day & Defining Moments


I’ve started a new promotional “plan” wherein I’m talking about one of my books a week on Facebook, here, and Twitter.  In conjunction with this, I’ve decided that – whatever the book of the week is – I’ll put it on a ten day .99 sale during the time I’m talking about it.

The purpose of this entire promotion is to raise awareness of my work.  I hope the stories, histories, anecdotes and notes on my writing process will intrigue people and make them want to read the books. I also hope that, the lower price will entice some people who are not familiar with my work to give it a try – and to generate more feedback, discussion (and hopefully reviews) for the books as I progress.

That said…here are the various links to where you can get ON THE THIRD DAY and DEFINING MOMENTS for .99 between now and the 15th.  I added in On the Third Day, which was last week’s book, because the idea of the lowered sale price only just occurred to me last night – and I want that book to have a shot at new readers too.  Here are links that give you a search of all my available titles at each of the following sites.  The price at Amazon takes a day or so to catch up with the change I made…everywhere else the .99 is already in effect.  You’ll have to scroll through my titles to find the two that are on sale at each site:





GO! BROWSE! BUY! READ! Join me on FACEBOOK to discuss Defining Moments this week – or to discuss my writing or any of my books any time.


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