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My Soul to Keep – The Origin of Donovan DeChance


I have been writing about Donovan DeChance for quite some time now.  I wrote the novel Vintage Soul years ago during Nanowrimo and it was picked up by Gale / Five Star for their horror fantasy line.  Unfortunately, when that line died, and they moved it to their mystery line, something got mixed up…I think a total of 60 copies of the HC sold, and my agent managed to wrangle the rights back out of them.  In the meantime, however, I’d written the second book in the series, “Heart of a Dragon,” and the way it played out, chronologically, that second book became the first.  When I released them through Crossroad Press, first as eBooks, and then as unabridged audiobooks, Heart of a Dragon was BOOK I and Vintage Soul was Book II.  There was one standard wish among readers and fans, and I think (hope) I have made it come true.

Just released is the novella “My Soul to Keep,” the Origin of Donovan DeChance.  In this story, we return to Rookwood, setting of the novel Hallowed Ground, in the year 1842, when Donovan was 16.  If that is confusing – read the book – all is explained, including how Donovan came to meet Cleopatra, the Egyptian Mau who is his famiilar.  Also explained is a bit how Donovan became the man, and mage, that he is – and also a little of how Rookwood, the town, became the setting for Hallowed Ground.

This novella will help tide readers over as I finish up “Kali’s Tale,” which will be the third full-length novel in the DeChance Chronicles.

I hope you’ll read it – review it – love it (I do) – and come back for more.  My Soul to Keep is available now at Crossroad Press, Smashwords, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble – and more to come, including the unabridged audiobook.


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