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The Pie Guy #4 – Fresh Pineapple Pie


This one is by request.  I’ve found that my quest to make a whole lot of pies, many of them slightly exotic, has not brought the enthusiastic family response I’d hoped for.  The pies are good, but mostly I’ve eaten them myself, or with the help of a couple of the kids on each one.  This time out – fresh pineapple pie, because my eight year old daughter Katie requested it.  Hopefully, with Steph still here until Monday, at least three of us will attack this one…fifteen minutes from now when it’s done.  I’ll add those pictures later.  For now…here are some of the tools of the trade on this one – zester, pineapple princess for coring the pineapple … and the ridiculous horribly sculpted pineapple on top…I am NOT the sculptor guy…PIE, remember?



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