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The Pie Guy #5 Fresh Grape Pie


This one was simple, and fun.  My daughter Katie helped me get the stems off of the grapes.  We don’t know what kind they are…they are red, sweet, and seedless.  The recipe called for less than usual, which always makes me smile.  We substituted lime juice for lemon juice because somewhere between the store and home the lemon I bought disappeared.  Probably in the trunk of my car…

Anyway, we will be having pizza, and then doing a taste-testing of this one…hoping for another success, because five of five would be awesome.

In other news (and to come in a later post) received my “Invisible Shoes” today.  Will be having a video shot when I first put them on and muck about in them…because the folks who sold them to me asked for it.  Also got some light sweat pants and long-sleeved wicking t-shirts to run in…because I will be starting to run again soon.  Shoeless Dave…that’s me.  No shoes, got pie…


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