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The Pie Guy – A Quest – #3 – Fresh Mango Pie


I recently started a new project.  Eventually it will become an e-Book, and it’s a lot of fun.  It started because I got disgusted with the frozen pies you buy and heat up on holidays.  When I was kid, my grandmothers all made pies.  They were pies that filled the pie-pan, puffed up over the top, had sparkling sugar crystals sometimes, and were ALWAYS good.  The pies we get no are tiny, thin, and just don’t make me happy – thus the quest.

I will become “The Pie Guy.”  I have already scoured the net for a few oddities, and begun the journey, which started when one night I wondered if you could make Persimmons into a pie.  You can, and it is WONDERFUL…even if I make it.  I have learned lessons.  For one thing, the old beer can opener on the end of your bottle opener that no longer opens beer?  You can use it to crimp the edge of a pie.  The words “just peel and slice the mangos” are code for make a huge sloppy mess, never really SEE a seed and come to hate mangos with a white hot burning passion…

Today, as I write this, pie #3 is in the oven … fresh mango pie.  I have already baked a persimmon pie and a fresh pear pie (which was much like apple pie).  Next up is either pinapple, grape, or kiwi.  When I have 12, I will finish the first book…including lessons, stupid mistakes, out-takes, and more.  Here are some shots of the Mango pie prior to being baked.

-DNW (AKA Pie Guy)

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