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Nook Exclusive – KALI'S TALE Dechance Chronicles #IV


Today is the start of the thirty day exclusive run of KALI’S TALE on Barnes & Noble.  It’s part of a special promotion I was chosen for (I love it when that happens) called NOOK FIRST LOOK – I am hoping it can get me some more notice for not only this book, but the first three in the series, and some of my other titles as well.  Kali’s Tale crosses over to a number of my books.  If you are NOT a B&N buyer, you could read “The Not Quite Right Reverend Cletus J. Diggs & The Currently Accepted Habits of Nature,” and “The Preacher’s Marsh” for background on the setting of Kali’s Tale, as well as “Vintage Soul,” the second book in The DeChance Chronicles, where we meet the vampire Kali and first get th hint that she might have less than happy thoughts about her “sire”.

Kali’s tale includes a lot of subjects I hold near and dear.  Alchemy – some of you will have watched the indie, artsy movie GODHEAD that I wrote the screenplay for…in which two young men run their lives and minds through the alchemical process.  Others will have read Deep Blue, and will appreciate the segment of Kali’s Tale spent in the back alley of a Memphis Juke Joint.

DeChance fans will learn more about Asmodeus, the old crow that joins the crew during Vintage Soul, and will get a few more peeks into Donovan’s past.

This also marks the first direct cross-over between DeChance and the other original series, O.C.L.T. – about an agency Donovan sometimes consults for. If you are a fan of that particular series, you’ll find two old friends, Geoffrey Bullfinch and Rebecca York making appearances.

Now…hie thee to B&N and buy yon book.  Srsly.

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Nook Exclusive – KALI'S TALE Dechance Chronicles #IV

  1. I’m confused about the books in the DeChance Chronicles. I just purchased Kali’s Tale from B&N for my NOOK, and it says it is Book 4 in the series, and I already own and have read (and loved!) Heart of a Dragon and Vintage Soul, but I can’t find any book claiming to be Book 3 in the series. Can you explain?

  2. Absolutely! “My Soul to Keep” is the third book, and it’s the “Origin Story” of Donovan DeChance. It’s available, and it shows up on B&N as the third book. Along with being the origin story, it is also set in the town of Rookwood, where the novel I wrote with Steven Savile, “Hallowed Ground,” also took place.

  3. Thanks for the explanation; that’s what I ultimately figured out, but B&N’s search engine doesn’t make it easy to find all of the DeChance Chronicles in one place.

    Now for another question: your post above indicates that there is overlap between the DeChance Chronicles and the O.C.L.T. series. Is there a recommended order in which to read the two series together, or does it work to read each one separately?

  4. The DeChance Chronicles have been around a lot longer than the O.C.L.T. series. When I started writing the O.C.L.T. books with Aaron, I mentioned Donovan obliquely in every book because of his library. He and Geoffrey Bullfinch are friends, and they try – in Kali’s Tale – to recruit Donovan, but with no luck. So, he’s a consultant. There are others. I suspect that the characters left at the end of Hallowed Ground will show up in O.C.L.T. eventually.

    The O.C.L.T. books can be read in any order, but there is a sequence if you sort of want to see how it evolves. Aaron Rosenberg’s “Brought to Light” is a novella set before the O.C.L.T. is official, showing how RC (who becomes the leader of the O.C.L.T. in the novel INCURSION) first runs across the supernatural.

    In The Temple of Camazotz you meet Bullfinch and Mack, and see how the intelligence network behind O.C.L.T. plays into things, and Mack comes back in my novel The Parting, along with Rebecca York, to fight ancient Egyptian Magic and terrorists. In INCURSION – RC returns, you meet the Italian monster hunter Isabella, and they lead us into the offices of O.C.L.T. and the future. I suspect I will cross over a lot between the two series.

    You may also want to read Hallowed Ground and The Preacher’s Marsh as background for My Soul to Keep, and Kali’s Tale…

    Such a tangled web…

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