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A Few Comments on "The Voice" RIP Shields Brothers

David Niall Wilson

I told myself I was done writing posts like this when we quit watching American Idol, but last year we got hooked in (late in the season) to “The Voice” – and it felt “different”.  It felt to me as if the coaches actually were connecting on a deeper level with their teams, and that they really cared.  I wonder if I’d have felt that way if I’d watched from the beginning.

Anyway, last night we watched the final battle round, and I have to say – connected to their final teams or not – at least in the early rounds, this isn’t a contest between singers – just coaches.  It was pretty obvious in the battle round segment that songs and pairings were being chosen where either a: The coach already knew who was going through and set it up so they couldn’t lose – or B: (even worse) The coach put through who they wanted regardless of how the actual battle went.

I guess that’s what you should expect, right?  The coaches all want to win.  I came out of last year disliking Blake, because he seemed more of a horn-dog than a coach, and don’t get me wrong, he still does stupid things like thanking girls for wearing (basically) their underwear on stage.  If I were his wife, I’d shoot him in the head.  That aside?  He was the only coach who seemed to honestly be choosing the singer who – in THAT BATTLE – did a better job.

Here’s my biggest complaint.  Cee Lo Green.  Seriously.  The Shields Brothers against Erin Martin.  The song?  Tina Turner, “What’s Love Got to do With it?” – huh?  First off this girl Erin Martin can’t sing.  She is a one-trick pony with a baby-goo-goo voice that left the world in the lounge singing days of “Santa Baby” and has been (thankfully) absent since.  She was off key, made no pretense of trying to like the song, or respecting the original, and she was rude, arrogant, and wore her underwear on stage.

The Shields Brothers – sure they aren’t polished.  Sure, they rocked it harder than she did…but they actually SANG.  They pulled back as their coach asked them to do. They harmonized.  They IMPROVED while Erin Martin served up what looked like a bad karaoke performance of Grace Slick mixed with Bjork. I’m pretty sure she did not hit a SINGLE NOTE…she has no range…

Cee Lo’s reasoning?  The boy’s sound too much like they have the “one sound” and he isn’t sure how he can work it in / work with it.  Huh?  He worked with both artists.  One listened to him and improved (Shields) the other went her own way very literally and made a fool of herself.  She was saved when Cee Lo picked her, claiming that a world class producer can’t work with the Shields Brothers?   Sad day for that show, I think.

A couple of shaky choices were made.  More than once – on a show where the battle is supposed to go to whoever did better THAT NIGHT – we learn yet again the reality of reality TV.  It’s a joke.  They do whatever they planned to do all along, they clearly don’t care what the people in the audience do, or think…and we are left with our new hero – BLAKE – to give the show a tiny ounce of respectability (which is not his forte, I might add).

We’ll continue to watch it, but my reason for loving it last year was that the coaches seemed to care, and I’m thinking right now that The Shields Brothers – after getting the shaft in the most bizarre contest ever – aren’t feeling the love…sent home to the farm because a model with a bad voice wore her underwear (that’s my take, anyway).  When the coaches say “I’ll stick with you” it only means nothing.  This is not the first ridiculous decision obviously made before the battle began, but it’s clearly the worst (maybe in the history of reality TV).

-End Rant


A Few Comments on "The Voice" RIP Shields Brothers

  1. Troy:

    Very well put “rant” ceelo your an idiot I was so happy when I found a show that was all about their voice but ceelo you blew it for a lot of us. I love a sexy woman just as much as the next guy but the show is not called sexy it’s the voice. My family and I quit watching American idol because of that crap and last year switched to the voice. This year I’ve seen some of that same crap, ceelo needs to be removed from the voice because he is not taking it seriously and not judging by voice. To the shield brothers ; keep working hard and don’t give up your good, you got robed

  2. I don’t want to see him removed – I just want them to treat their teams with a little more respect, and if they don’t plan on choosing someone after a battle, they should say so up front…that was just silly.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. In Season 1., the coaches largely judged based on voice, and I was a big fan. These battle rounds have really turned me off the series – several times, I have felt that the ones who performed better have gotten the shaft because the coaches already had the winner picked out before they sang. The Shield’s Brothers was the most egregious example, I think CeeLo should be sent home.

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