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Too many things going on at once.  I have a bunch of stories I need / want to write.  I have books to publish.  Heck, I have a pie to bake, and a book to write about that.  I’m virtually stuck between the lines, and almost every day a new thing I’d really like to work on comes along.

I have a novella started for The Scattered Earth, bring Euphrankes Holymnn and the crew of the Airship Tangent back for an encore.  I have even more written on a new Cletus J. Diggs Mystery.  I have “Nevermore,” the next DeChance book, which will involve an appearance by Edgar Allen Poe…and I have a novel about a zombie apocalypse and ulta-marathon running in the wings.

I need to write my way out…it’s the only way through, as I know from experience.  I suspect all of these things and more will be written in short order, but tonight…I feel stuck.  I hate that.

Tomorrow…there will be words.  I will share some with you just to prove it’s so…


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