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Blog Tour Day #5 Guest Post on the Dark South


hatezhuminzSo, on this fifth day of the great blog tour that I hope at least some of you are  following along and reading what I’ve put together.  Hope I’m reaching some new people / readers also… I have a lot of confidence in Nevermore – a Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe – but my confidence won’t make you read it.  I’m hoping 27,000 words or so of promotion will do that … I figure it can’t hurt…

Today’s post is about how moving to the south has changed my writing, and affected the worlds my characters inhabit.  When I lived in Hampton Roads, Virginia, it was very urban.  The cities are big, there is a lot of action, business, and integration with the rest of the country (largely due to the huge military population).  Bringing the family south (and not even that far south) to North Carolina dropped us into a completely different world.  Without our move to Hertford, I’d never have created Old Mill, North Carolina, or conceived The Not Quite Right Reverend Cletus J. Diggs, not to mention Nettie the swamp witch.  Another thing I would not have done is written the novel I’m asking you to try.. (only $2.99 in eBook for the duration of this blog tour) – Nevermore.   Here’s a short sample of today’s post and a link to the rest – as well as links to the tour so far.

“Over my years as an author (more than 25 of them since I got serious) I’ve placed my stories in a wide variety of settings.  Since I spent the early years of my career in the US Navy, a lot of them in San Diego, CA, the first large, fictional city I created was San Valencez, California.  Then I spread out from there, creating Lavender, California and Friendly, California, up in the mountains.

As I matured, I spread the wealth back to my origins, small town Illinois, and created the town of Random, where my novella Roll Them Bones took place.  There are more stories in store for all of these places, but over the last few years, my muse has brought me south and east, to the fictional town of Old Mill, North Carolina, where I’ve now told a number of stories, and expect to tell a lot more.

The south is the perfect setting for dark fantasy.  History is longer and deeper here, and old ways linger…” ==>Read the rest of this essay at The Open Book Society Blog…


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