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Blog Tour Three – First Review and "Where Did Nevermore Come From?"


ratgoggehToday is the third day of my Nevermore blog tour.  Not every day, but most of the days of this tour, there will be a stop at a different blog – some are reviewers, some are authors, others just like books.  At each stop you can enter to win free copies of the book.  At each stop you have the opportunity to read Chapter One of the novel.  Then, the unique part – each stop has either an interview with me (all different) an interview of one of my characters, or a guest post.  Today, the stop is at Nancy Jardine’s Blog – the “Welcome Wednesday” post of the week.  Since it’s a guest post, and I was given no direction, I started off with the beginning…  Authors don’t really like the question “Where do you get your ideas?” very much.  I have a lot of answers for it, but it’s mostly irritating, because it’s not a question that you can simply answer.  What I did in this guest post is to reverse engineer the question – where did I get the idea?

As is so often the case, it’s a dual answer – history, and one of my other stories combined.  I’m not going to spoil the post by going on about it too much here..  If you would like to know more about how the novel was conceived, how I came up with the character Lenore, and to read a very nice review of my book, head on over to NANCY JARDINE’S BLOG and check it out!

From the review (I love this):   “The language flows beautifully, harking back to olden times. It is a dark tale which left me a bit staggered at the end- but I don’t do spoilers- read this really good tale for yourself!”

ALSO today, I was interviewed for Blog Talk Radio for the tour:

Listen to internet radio with BuyTheBookTours on BlogTalkRadio


Interview with me at the Blog of author Hywela Lin

Interview with Donovan DeChance at Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews

Interview with Edgar Allan Poe at MJ Schiller’s Blog (join the discussion)

Get the details of the book tour – and the giveaways – at Buy the Book Tours…



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