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Let There be Magic! – The Blog Tour Continues


tikibooksIn today’s blog tour post, I talk about Magic, the various kinds wielded by characters I’ve written, what I think about things like Ritual Magic, The Tarot, I Ching, and other similar subjects, and how I use all of that in my writing.  There’s a little bit of memoir, and a little bit more about Nevermore – because I want you all to read it.  Here’s a little snippet to lure you over to the main post:

“One of the repeating themes in my novels, stories, and ongoing series works is the existence, and use, of magic.  I believe strongly that there are a lot of things in the world that cannot yet be explained.  Today’s magic is probably tomorrow’s science – at least that’s how it’s played out in the past – so I like to handle things occult and mystical with care and as much insight as possible.

As a younger man, I intended to become a minister.  I spent my last couple of years in High School, and my first couple in the United States Navy, certain that I would be spreading the word of the Lord throughout at least the Tri-State Area.  I like to say – I got better.  Over time, I believe that most free-thinking men and women who spend any extended period involved in organized religion come to realize that, while love thy neighbor is a great standard to live by, it’s not any more likely that the big Kahuna of the Israelis is up there watching us with fire and punishment in his eye than it is that Zeus, or Odin are doing the same.  We should not, in other words, need to live our lives in accordance with words written by largely unknown authors and in reference to a world that has passed mostly into the dust of time, to guide our actions or beliefs.

Anyway – when I shifted gears from my roots in organized religion, I turned to more esoteric sources.  I studied the Kabbalah.  I studied the use of Tarot cards, and the I Ching…” ==> Read the Full post – LET THERE BE MAGIC – at the Buy the Book Tours Blog


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