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The Kingdom of Clowns – and The Nevermore Tour


case8.500x11.000.inddSince today is a day off from the blog tour (to be resumed first thing in the morning) I thought I’d take a moment to tell you all about something else I’m excited by.  My first children’s book, The Kingdom of Clowns, was released this past week in hardcover and paperback. A lot of you may not be aware that I write children’s books – mostly because I’ve never published any of them before.  When I met artist Dan Monroe, I knew it was time to move forward and test the waters.  Dan illustrated and designed the book around my words…

This story is special to me because, when my kids were young, I wrote Dr. Seuss-like poems for each of them.  The first, and most complete, was The Kingdom of Clowns, written for my oldest boy, Bill (Will to everyone now), and I’m happy to have it ready now before he returns from his first deployment on a submarine in the US Navy.

You can order this book at the Crossroad Press store and Amazon.com … Interested booksellers should contact Crossroad Press directly for wholesale discounts.

The poem below is not part of the book, but was also written for Bill – it’s in a similar style..

A Boy and an elephant both went out,
One with a football, the other a snout
As long as a boa constrictor, and grey,
To the field by the river to frolic and play
The boy threw the football quite high in the air,
And he caught it again, as it fell back from there,
While the elephant wandered a little behind,
They were out for a jaunt; it was time to unwind
And again with the football clutched tight in his hand,
The boy flicked his wrist like a taut rubber band
And the ball took off flying up, up, and away,
And he reached out to catch it the very same way
That he’d caught it a hundred and ten times before,
And expected to catch it just that one time more
But his hand came up empty; the air was the same,
Something was very much wrong with his game.
For a ball that goes up as we all understand,
Cannot stay, it goes upward, and then it must land
So he spun in a circle and stared at the sky,
And he asked his friend elephant, “Do you know why?”
I have tossed up my football quite high in the air
But it did not fall down, and I’m wondering where
It could be, for you see, it is not in the sky,
And it’s not on the ground, and I’m wondering why
It is not in my hand like it landed before,
And the elephant could not stand one second more
Of his secret and lifted his long, long grey snout
And he swished it around and he twirled it about
And the boy saw his football, caught snug as can be
In the trunk of the elephant, tall as a tree
And the elephant laughed, and he tossed the ball high,
So it sailed so far up it was lost in the sky
And though it flew higher than ever before,
The ball fell back to Earth, the boy caught it once more
And the boy and the elephant went on their way,
They continued their jaunt, and enjoyed the bright day.

Now…go get yours kids a copy of The Kingdom of Clowns!  Also – check yesterday’s post for all of the stops I’ve made so far on the Nevermore blog tour…buy that book!  Seriously.


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