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hoverkittehI hope it’s not getting monotonous, my posting the entire tour links every day.  I am hoping that people who have missed the earlier posts will still find them interesting.  Some of them, like today’s post, are unique.  When I was given the schedule for this blog tour, I was also given an “assignment” for each blog.  Some wanted interviews.  Some wanted a guest post for their blog.  Still others wanted me to interview a character.

In today’s post, I have the very odd, and distinct opportunity to interview one Edgar Allan Poe – not just the historic Poe, but the Poe of my novel.  To do so, I traveled with another character, Donovan DeChance, to what I can only describe as another dimension – to an office / library that Poe discovers during the novel.  Tricky, but fun.

I did a lot of research on Poe prior to the writing of the novel, and have continued it ever since, because I find him fascinating.  I have very, very old editions of his works.  I have one of the magazines he first appeared in…I don’t have a raven, yet, but I’m working on that…  I hope you enjoy the interview, and that it makes you curious enough to buy the book.  Nevermore is only $2.99 for the length of this tour – but the tour ends on September 2nd, where I have my last two blog stops on two separate blogs simultaneously.

Here is a snippet from my interview with Edgar:

DNW:  Today I have the distinct pleasure of interviewing one of America’s most distinguished poets and authors.  I have to thank my friend and fellow dreamer, Donovan DeChance, for the introduction, and the remarkable circumstances that have brought me to a very singular room – not quite in, or out, of my own world and time – and into the presence of a personal idol.  My guest (or rather I am his) is none other than Mr. Edgar Allan Poe.  Edgar, you have no idea what an honor this is…

 E.A.P:  The honor is mine, sir.  I have had the particular pleasure of reading your account of my adventures in the heart of The Great Dismal Swamp.  Though I believe you may have portrayed me as a bit more heroic than I felt, the details bring back so many memories.”

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