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Nevermore – The Lisa Snellings Cover art – The Tour Plows On!


petbowlOne of the best parts of being a publisher AND an author is the amount of control you have when it comes to your own work.  I have suffered some pretty bad covers in my day – like the hardcover cover for Deep Blue – a novel about a young, long-haired blues guitarist (electric guitar) portrayed by an artists rendition of what appears to be Neil Diamond playing a lavender acoustic.  They couldn’t even make the guitar on the cover of “Deep Blue” – well – blue.  There have been others.

Then there were the times that made me happy.  My first novel, This is My Blood – I loved that cover so much that I own the original art – done by Lisanne Lake -hanging on my wall next to a print of one of her other “aces” for her Tarot set…a very cool guitar.

Nevermore, a Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe – got the treatment from artist Lisa Snellings, and it’s stunning.  She wrote about the sculpture she created here – The Tree of Lasting Sorrow – but that was only a part of what she did for my cover.  Since I’m on this blog tour, and since I noticed that today’s host often talked, or had guests talkin, about cover art – that’w what I wrote about.  Here’s a snippet from the post, and a link to the entire thinn.

“While I was writing the novel Nevermore – Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe – I was already thinking ahead. I know a lot of artists, but there are a few who can nearly always connect with me on levels where others fail. One such artist is Lisa Snellings, whose kinetic sculpture of a haunted Ferris Wheel brought all the stories of an anthology titled Strange Attraction to life, including my own novella, Deep Blue – which later became a novel by that same title.

Lisa’s art tends to be dark – sometimes bleak – but generally with a hint of hope, or at least melancholy humor. I own a piece of hers, a statue titled Resonant Kiss that I love. My daughter owns a selection of her “poppets” – which are magical and at times feel so much more important and magical than humans… When I thought about The Great Dismal Swamp, and the image of a woman trapped in a tree, my mind honed in on Lisa almost immediately… => Read the entire post at Workaday Reads.


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