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What Influences My Writing? Everything – Blog Tour Moves On…


debilI suppose I’ll get back to more normal posting soon.  I have only a few more stops on the blog tour.  I’ve been steadily working on typing in the lost Cletus J. Diggs novel from my hand-written scribbles, so progress is being made.  I’m also enjoying a stint of actual editing on an original novel that Crossroad Press will be publishing…  Always working on something.  Soon I’ll share the pretty cool trailer that narrator Tom Pile made for my novel KILLER GREEN – which is due out in unabridged audio soon.

Today’s post on this never-ending gobstopper of a book tour is about influences.  I have my own views on what influences writing, and creativity – as I do on most things.  I tried to unscramble those views and compress then into a single post.  Here’s a short snippet:

“Over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are very simple answers to the most common questions asked of writers. One is, of course, where do you get your ideas.  The simple answer for that is from your influences, and from your mind. It’s collaboration between your creativity and the world that makes stories possible and the stronger the connection – the more it means to you – the more powerful those stories will be.  Everything influences your work.  Everything.

My serious writing career started during my time serving in the US Navy.  I learned to write through serious distractions, friends, music, television, constant interruptions. In those early days, music was as much a part of my life as breathing.  It still is, but like everything in life, it’s aged, shifted, and changed.  I wrote very literally a half a million words on one cruise.  I worked from around 4:00 in the afternoon until midnight every night.  I had a transmitter room where I maintained UHF radio systems, and I moved my old 386 computer in there along with my Deskjet 500 printer and a case of paper.” – Read the Entire Post over at Rinn Reads!


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