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Killer Green – From Twitter to Screenplay to Option to Novel Reviews Needed



Here’s the deal. Back in 2009 a very warped idea was conceived on the social media micro-blogging site, Twitter. It became my latest novel – KILLER GREEN. This project has done well so far depending on social media as it’s platform, so I’m reaching out again. The book needs readers and reviews. I will therefore gift 20 copies of this book to folks willing to review it on Amazon.com – and I’m making this call through the blog where the original screenplay that became this novel was written and shared – and through Twitter and Facebook, where it has continued to exist – largely due to the friends and online family that helped bring it to life. Below is the Author’s introduction to the book, which gives the whole sordid story of the screenplay and it’s journey to eBook – soon print and unabridged audio. To receive your copy either DM me on Twitter at @David_n_Wilson – send me a message on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DNiallWilson or send an e-mail to david AT macabreink DOT com. First 20 in get the books. Tell me your preferred eBook format in your note, and if you want the Kindle book, please supply the e-mail you use on Amazon so I can gift it to you.

Here is the Synopsis for those who have missed it: Quentin Tarantino meets Smokey & The Bandit in this noir, science-fiction thriller. Sometimes, people just need killing. When Sam West wanders into the Sunny-Side-Up Diner for the last time, hoping for a last slice of Mort’s world-class pie, and one last look at a waitress named Delilah, he has no idea he’s about to become the instrument of a great, karmic cleansing. The only thing crazier than the seemingly inevitable trail of bodies following Sam and Delilah south is the fact that – as State Police and local sheriffs begin to investigate – they find no evidence. Nothing. And the missing bodies are just the start, as an unlikely band of companions are drawn together in a scientific experiment more in line with the TV Series Fringe than anything in reality, with the threat of alien probes, local law enforcement, and rednecks around every corner.

Click Here for the Full Story – The Author’s Introduction and the Twitter handles of all those fine folk who became the cast and crew…

Killer Green – From Twitter to Screenplay to Option to Novel Reviews Needed

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