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Finally! New Novel, New Anthology Updates!

David Niall Wilson

2021 did not turn out to the the full turnaround from 2020 – big surprise – but things are happening. My newest novel, Jurassic Ark, will be out in December in eBook, trade paperback, trade hardcover and audio (narrated by Mr. Joshua Saxon). I am currently editing the stories for a follow-on anthology to Voices in the Darkness (which you should all read) titled “The Canterbury Nightmares,” bringing some diverse voices together with fiction reacting to the end of the last administration, and the semi-opening of the world after the pandemic. More info on that downstream.

I have been taking bits and pieces of my life, one at a time, and revising how I address them. This blog will be one of those. I know it’s not necessary to write in a blog every day, but I’m committing to at least once a week. Without that, it hardly seems to serve a purpose.

The new novel is Jurassic Ark, a book I expected to simply be a satire, like Remember Bowling Green: The Adventures of Frederick Douglass was a few years back. As it turns out, the book had other ideas. As I researched that old story, adding in some tidbits from Jewish folklore, everything shifted. The original intent was a jab at creationists and that guy Ham who opened the Noah’s Ark theme park (with pictures of dinosaurs). 6000 years ago. Men and dinosaurs walking the earth… and that’s where I started. The cover art is provided by Bob Eggleton, and the design by David Dodd. The book is up for preorder at Amazon in eBook and Paperback, and will follow on all sites soon.

Then I discovered that there are a lot of deep issues in a story where one family is going to survive, if you believe them, and everyone else will drown. Also, faith is one thing, but when that faith starts turning into reality all around you, how do you react to that? And in the original biblical tale you hear almost nothing about the women.

I’m not going to put any spoilers here. There is magic, sorcery, romance, and adventure in this book. There are dinosaurs and giants. There is a crazy man in a forest at the base of a mountain building a very big boat. I hope you will all love it. If you are very quick you can download it for free from NetGalley (through the 30th of September) for review. If you would like a review copy but miss that deadline, contact me.

The anthology, probably much like the last one, is not going to make me rich. However, it is calming me, and giving me a sense of achievment. It is doing something in the face of a still crazy world that might reach people and make a difference. The Canterbury Nightmares is a title I’d had in the back of my mind for a very long time. I finally found it’s purpose. I’m not really at a point where I have a detailed update, but it’s coming in 2022.

Short stories – I am currently writing a cross-over story featuring Donovan DeChance and the kids from my young adult superhero novel HOODS. It involves missing children, ritual magic, and hopscotch. I have started what might be an Old Mill short story, or might be the next Cletus J. Diggs novel – “Dismal Gothic,” and I still hope to finish the novel Tattered Remnants in the near future.

Crossroad Press has been very, very busy this summer, with a full spread of new, original releases, some reprints, and our first starred review upcoming in Publishers Weekly for Michael DiMercurio’s Submarine thriller (and it’s a monster of a book) Dark Transit.

Until next week… send people to the newsletter link here. Share the books. Talk to me.


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