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December 30th, 2010 / david

Brand is a down-and-out rock musician who thinks he’s seen everything the underbelly of life has to offer.  When he gets drunk, locks himself out of his apartment, and ends up in an alley with a large number of homeless people – he meets a man named Wally, who gifts / curses him with “the blues.”

Unabridged Narration by Chris Patton

Run Time 11 hours 23 minutes

Price $27.99 ($12.99 at Crossroad Press – click image)

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Revisiting the characters from the novel Deep Blue, this story of Christmas, racial prejudice, brotherhood and magic reveals the origins of Wally, the harmonica player / mentor who sends Brandt on his quest, filling in some gaps in the overall story.  A great addition to what I hope is already a wonderful story.

Unabridged Narration by Chris Patton

Run time 35 Minutes

Price:  $2.99

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In Random Illinois, years in the past, a group of kids were out in the woods around Halloween and saw something they were never quite able to shake.  Now, many years later, they’ve been called home.  What they thought had ended was only just beginning.  The ghosts and fears of their past have returned for another October visit.

Unabridged Narration by Jeffrey Kafer

Run time 3 hours and 1 minute

Price $19.99 – $14.99 at Crossroad Press (click image)

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When Cletus J. Diggs’ buddy Jasper finds a man sticking boots firsta out of the fishing hole, it’s bad.  Enter Old Mill, NC, where nothing is ever quite what it seems.  Aliens.  Albino twins. Ancient evil and the Great Dismal Swamp.  How can a story possibly get any better than that?

Unabridged narration by Joe Geoffrey

Run Time 3 hours and 32 minutes.

Price $19.99 – $14.99 at Crossroad Press (Click the image)

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In the 1700s a man named Johann Bessler invented a perpetual motion wheel.  He never sold the invention because no one met his price.  Then it died with him – only in this novel of ancient and modern suspense and drama – it did not.  A fast-paced thriller rich in adventure, suspense, and history.

Unabridged Narration by Ian Alexander

Run Time 7 hours and 30 minutes

Price $27.99 – $12.99 at Crossroad Press (click image)

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