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June 6th, 2011 / David Niall Wilson

From time to time, I post fiction on the net for people to read.  In the past, it’s been all over the place.  From now on when I post things on the web, I will post them here as sub-pages, and put links out for people to follow back.  Eventually all of my books will have an excerpt, or a short story linked here…I believe in my work, and I think if people can find the words, they’ll be interested enough to follow them to the ends of the stories.

When I Was a Kid They Said I’d Get One

Pretty Boys in Blue & Long Hair Dangling


This is My Blood

I’ll Have a Blue, Blue Christmas (A Deep Blue Story)

You Are Just Like Gods

The Masquerade – Story excerpt from A Midnight Dreary (Bye E. A. Poe)

Deep Blue (The Novella) and the first chapter of the novel…

Virtue’s Mask – written with Brian A. Hopkins

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