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December 29th, 2010 / David Niall Wilson

In the hope of having a single spot to send people who ask what I’ve written, I give you this. As time passes, I will add sub-pages for each with more details. Here (first) are links to my works on various retail sites: AMAZON   BARNES & NOBLE   IBOOKS (You probably have to type David Niall Wilson in at the iBooks Linkmaker, and if it is set to music, you have to change it to books)  KOBO   SMASHWORDS   CROSSROAD PRESS .

Not sure the best way to list the books. That said, I will try listing them by series, short story collections separate, stand-alone novels also separate, with the caveat that most of my work (eventually) ties together and becomes part of the bigger world.  I’m not going to mention that here, but if you follow the book links, and I manage to finish this project, you’ll find the information on each separate page.  Here we go.


Jurassic Ark – it’s 6000 years ago. The city is alive with magic, sorcery, debauchery… dinosaurs roam the land. In the forest at the base of a mountain, a crazy man has been given a vision. He is building a very big boat.  This novel started as a satire and grew into something much more. Narrator Joshua Saxon has compared it to The Last Temptation of Christ. I only know it’s not the book it started out to be, but much, much more. Due out in December, 2021. Available for pre-order now.

The DeChance Chronicles

My longest running series, with book V in the works currently – the DeChance Chronicles.  These are the stories of Donovan DeChance, Magician, book collector, and adventurer. Heart of a Dragon – Vintage Soul – My Soul to Keep & Others (Novellas including the Donovan origin story) and Kali’s Tale.  I am also including in this, though it’s more of a tie-in , Nevermore – a Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe, because it fits neatly between Kali’s Tale and the fifth book – in progress – A Midnight Dreary. You can get each of these separately or in the pictured omnibus. They are also available in digital audio and some of them in print.  All will be in print in 2017.

The Cletus J. Diggs Mysteries


The Not Quite Right Reverend Cletus J. Diggs & The Currently Accepted Habits of Nature was my first book about Old Mill, NC (loosely based on my then home town of Hertford). Since then I have written The Crazy Case of Foreman James, and Cletus has appeared both in the DeChance Chronicles (Kali’s Tale) and was featured in Crockatiel – A Novel of the O.C.L.T. – there will be more.  Nothing is ever as it seems in Old Mill.

The O.C.L.T.


The O.C.L.T. (Orphic Crisis Liaison Team) is a series created originally by myself and Aaron Rosenberg. There are several books in the series that I did NOT write, as well as a novella and a couple of tie-ins, but these were my contributions. The Parting was the first full-length O.C.L.T. novel, but actually occurs just previous to the creation of the team in Aaron’s novel Incursion.  There is also an omnibus for this series comprised of The Temple of Camazotz, The Parting, Incursion and the very first Novella Brought to Light (by Aaron Rosenberg) .  Another tie-in series is The Order of the Air – taking place just prior to WWII and written by Melissa Scott & Jo Graham.

Tales of the Scattered Earth

A long time ago Aaron Rosenberg, Steve Savile, and myself came up with the premise for a series taking place after a horrible dark force destroyed the Earth. The idea was that bits and pieces of things pertaining to different religions and cultures were spread through the universe, and civilizations began.  Now those civilizations are returning to space, and headed on a collision course with their past.  The Second Veil was the second book in this series, which contains Aaron’s tales of “The Dread Remora,” and Keith R. A. DeCandido’s Guilt in Innocence.

White Wolf World of Darkness


A good part of my early career was spent writing novels for White Wolf’s World of Darkness. I wrote The Grails Covenant Trilogy: To Sift Through Bitter Ashes, To Speak with Lifeless Tongues, and To Dream of Dreamer’s Lost (one of their most popular series, and one that sold me hundreds of thousands of copies) – I wrote a stand-alone novel in the world of WRAITH – Except You Go Through Shadow, which is one of the novels in The Essential World of Darkness – I wrote The Relic of the Dawn for their EXALTED series, the Dark Ages Vampire Clan novel Lasombra, and about 1/4 of the Clan novel Malkavian (the parts with Anatole, the crazy monk who was also in Lasombra).

Star Trek 

Although the first novel I completed and sold was This is My Blood, Chrysalis, the 12th novel in the Star Trek Voyager series, was the first that was actually published.  In fact, at least two of the Grails Covenant novels were out before that first one hit.  This book spent two weeks on the USA TODAY Bestseller list when it was first published. It’s a very different sort of Star Trek novel, I think.  Still proud of it. I owe the race and much of the plot to my old buddy John B. Rosenman, who let me use parts of his short story “No Dominion,” as a basis for this book.

Stargate Atlantis

Thanks to my buddy Steve Savile, I was introduced to the folks at Fandemonium Books, right when Trish (Love of my life, Patricia Lee Macomber) and I were watching Stargate Atlantis heavily. We collaborated on this novel, Brimstone, which is #15 in the series, and went on to work with Fandemonium publishing and distributing the ebooks for the entire series through Crossroad Press.  We feature Rodney as a hero, and that’s something that always makes me smile.

Standalone Novels


Links for now… descriptions later…  The Orffyreus WheelSins of the FlashAncient EyesThis is My BloodDarkness FallingHallowed Ground (With Steven Savile) – Maelstrom On the Third Day Killer Green Deep BlueGideon’s CurseRemember Bowling Green – The Adventures of Frederick Douglass – Time Traveler  (With Patricia Lee Macomber) and The Mote in Andrea’s Eye.

Short Story Collections


As with the novels… details can follow… In no particular order – A Taste of Blood & Roses The Compleate Pigge (With Brett A. Savory)  – The Call of Distant Shores Defining MomentsThe Fall of the House of Escher & Other IllusionsEtched Deep & Other Dark ImpressionsIntermusings (Formerly Joined at the Muse w/others) – An Unkindness of Ravens (With Patricia Lee Macomber) – Spinning Webs & Telling Lies (With Brian A. Hopkins) – Ennui & Other States of Madness (Print only so far)  – The Whirling Man & Other Tales of Pain, Blood & Madness The Gossamer Eye (With Rain Graves & Mark McLaughlin – print only so far)


I am a lover of pies.  A few years back, I set out on a journey, baking over a dozen different kinds, recording the recipes – including my own invention “The Great American Pie” – and I included the history of pies that I discovered in my research, as well as a good bit of memoir material. Most of my love of pies came from visiting grandmothers when I was young, so I tell some stories and point out some little known facts. All of the recipes are also included. All in American Pies – Baking with Dave the Pie Guy.

Children’s Books


Of these, I wrote The Skeleton Inside Me, The Kingdom of Clowns , Perilous Pink PcGee with Katie Mary Wilson & The Halloween House & Other StoriesMars Needs Pumpkins and Bob Goes to Mars were written by my daughter Katie Mary Wilson – I illustrated those.  Dan Monroe illustrated The Kingdom of Clowns and The Skeleton Inside Me.  Pink PcGee and The Halloween House are in digital only, but both have wonderful audiobook editions- PcGee voiced by Chris Patton and The Halloween House by Gigi Shane, who added music and fun.  The Kingdom of Clowns, The Skeleton Inside me and Bob Goes to Mars are all available in paperback and hardcover as well.

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