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The Writing of Killer Green

September 26th, 2013 / David Niall Wilson


KGCoverFinalwebOn the 27th of February, 2009, I was in Baltimore scoping out the office that has since become my company’s first outlying workspace. I stayed at the Embassy Suites, and let me tell you…this project might not have happened otherwise. Between the hours of 5:30 and 7:30 PM, if you present your room key to the bartender, beer and house drinks are free. Yeungling is their tap beer of choice, and I didn’t argue.


The idea for Killer Green was born of conversation on Twitter, the micro-blogging site. I really have no idea what we were talking about, but I ended up with the title Killer Green, and the idea that some crackpot pseudo-scientists would be running around the country making gasoline out of – well – that would be telling. There’s a lot more to it now (thankfully) but we decided it should be called Killer Green. Someone suggested that we get a warped version of the classic Queen anthem “Killer Queen” done as a theme song, and I was off to the bar – and the races.


The characters were loosely developed from people I met, or conversed with regularly, on Twitter. Usually I only took their name, but in other cases, there’s more. For instance, Terence Smelser is a buddy I met on Twitter–he and his wife Helen are the truck-driving team in the movie. Terence and I can talk and joke, and probably have the least in common of any two men on the planet. He is a “rabble rouser” with a distinct lean to the right, while I am a moderate with distinct leanings to the left. Heck, I’m probably not even that moderate (nor is Terry). Amanda Verdino, then Amanda Gravel, is a fashionista, and evolved easily into her character in the book. There have been a wide variety of folks involved, reading, playing parts, and following along to encourage me.


It took almost exactly 60 days from the first typed word to the last for the first draft of the screenplay to be completed. I posted scenes on my website as I wrote them. What was complete was rough – had a few slow spots and plot holes – but it was, at the same time, surprisingly coherent and … even more surprisingly…I think if someone else had written the same story, and the movie was made, I’d be in line to watch it.


I’m not going to include the screenplay here. It’s been rewritten, revised, revised with a director (still attached) and there are aspects of this novel based on earlier versions, so it wouldn’t even match up well. As things go in Hollywood, and in the movies, the option is almost as old as the screenplay, and I’m still waiting. I’m hoping this novelization will attract the right kind of interest.


I found the production company who optioned the screenplay on Twitter. I’d like to find the backers there as well, or through my blog. I’d like the entire project, start to finish, to owe its life to Social Media, Twitter in particular, but in any case, I’d like the movie to be made…so here is the story. If you know a producer, or a director, or someone with tons of cash, get this book into their hands. Meanwhile, if you are on Twitter, check out the following folks with enough sense of humor and interest to lend their names (and sometimes more than just names) to the story–and be forewarned, this is one strange list, the people have nothing in common, for the most part, except that when I discovered Twitter, I discovered them too:


@Morticia626 – Delilah


@TerenceSmelser – Terence


@HelenSmelser – Helen


@TehKrizz – Skeeter


@GregVerdino – Professor Gregory Verdino


@AmandaGravel – Amanda Stone


@ChrisBrogan – Sheriff Cicero Brogan


@JamesGoodmanHW – State Trooper Goodman


@Paisano – Paisano


@Dathar – Kurt


@PsychoMule – Mule


@Thomas Sullivan – Sully


@Nil17 – Becci


@RebeccaCoffey – Rebecca Coffey (News Reporter)


@ThomasSullivan – Sully


The Writing of Killer Green

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