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A Storyteller’s Birthday Wish

I am a storyteller. For years now I’ve spent more time helping bring other people’s stories out than I have writing my own… and I’m okay with that, because I AM still writing… but tomorrow is my birthday. Instead of just stopping by and saying Happy happy… let’s interact. Below is a link to my Amazon page with almost literally everything I’ve written available… in the first comment will be a list of my books available through Kindle Unlimited for those people who subscribe, so you can find my books that are available for you to read for free. Most of my audiobooks are whispersync ready and can be had for a pittance beyond the eBook price. MANY of them are available in print, some for the first time just this year in trade paperback. What I want for my birthday is simple. Read something of mine. Tell me what you read, what of mine you have liked (or loved) (or even hated). If you have a favorite thing of mine, leave a review on Amazon, or Goodreads… sign up for the free signed copy giveaway on Goodreads for my novel Gideon’s Curse… buy “Remember Bowling Green” so I can donate the money to the ACLU… the thing that would make me feel the best on my birthday would be to entertain some people, and to feel as if I write – and I talk about that – and it’s of more than slight, passing interest to a few of the thousands of folks who follow me between this profile and my author page… Going to put this on my author page as well, and on my blog so it goes to Goodreads, and on Wattpad, where literally tens of thousands of people read my novel Heart of a Dragon for free, and loved it (from the comments) but could not ring themselves to pay the $2.99 or $3.99 to read the rest of the series… writing is a lonely profession… help a fella out.



15 Supernatural Thrillers for Halloween! I'm in it!


15 Supernatural Thrillers for Halloween – An infographic by the team at supernatural thrillers


The Birth of a Novel, and Some Comments on Commitments


bulldogThe other day a blogger took me to task for being disappointed that one of the blogs that signed up for my tour didn’t post the guest post I gave them, or respond in any way to queries about it.  There was going to be a review at that tour stop too…something I’ve come to anticipate, as I’ve gotten only a moderate number so far on the book.  Here’s the thing.

There was a bare minimum of effort required for that blogger to meet their commitment.  I wrote the post, and I handed it in to them more than a month ahead of time.  I provided a free copy of my book and, while that blog does have a review policy that says reviews not guaranteed, they committed to the review when they chose it as an option on the blog tour AND their own policy states that if they just couldn’t finish, or whatever, that they will say so…  They said nothing.

Thankfully, the talented Michelle Lee let me borrow her blog space, and, albeit a day late, the Character Interview with LENORE is live (link below). Maybe I have unreasonable expectations, but these things have two-way commitments.  I met and exceeded mine, and it’s frustrating and off-putting to have that work ignored.  Enough on that.  I hope nothing horrible happened in the life of the blogger in question, and I wish them well, but as a cautionary note – if you set up a blog tour, vetting the blogs carefully is important, and one thing I would check is how long it’s been in operation (the blog) and how regularly it’s updated.  Also important?  Traffic, comments, and popularity.  If most of the traffic on a particular post is channeled through my own post about it on my blog, then I didn’t really need that other blog at all…the idea is to diversify and build the audience.  I hope I’m doing that.  On the up side, 287 people (or so) have signed up to win one of the prizes…

Today’s post is about the birth of Nevermore, A Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe.  It covers the pre-story in Kali’s Tale, and moves on to explain how the book came into being.  I hope you’ll enjoy it. Here’s a snippet:

“Eleven months ago, I wrote the following at the beginning of a post at my website and blog:

 “I’ve started (finally) working on the next Donovan DeChance book.  This book will follow directly on the tail of the events in Book IV, Kali’s Tale – still a stand-alone story, and still something you could read without having read the others, though I realize that as time goes on…and the series grows… this is less and less true.  It’s always best to start at the beginning.  It’s just not possible to rehash everything properly without detracting from the new story…”


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