Tales of the Scattered Earth


Once, long ago, there was one Earth. It was said that many deities gazed down upon it protectively, and there was balance between them all. Then something went wrong. The balance shifted—toward darkness. Earth was shattered, her people destroyed, her remains scattered far and wide. But the gods survived the cataclysm. They scattered as well, each pursuing a fragment of their former domain. And, when they overtook those shards, the gods drew upon what power remained to them to restore their worshippers to life.

These new followers rose from dust and imperfect memory, for the gods too had been injured. Each claimed a new home, and a new life, and each thought itself—at least at first—to be the only Earth. All memory of their former world was lost, except vague memories of the gods who gave them new life. Then, one day, a single great event drew all their eyes to the stars—and beyond. And each of them felt a yearning. Something in them desired to be whole again, or at least to understand.

These are their stories.

These are The Tales of the Scattered Earth.

The Second Veil

A quick and surprisingly compelling read. Wilson deftly combines elements of steam punk with a plot reminiscent of Arthur C. Clarke’s “The City and the Stars” (one of my favorite SF books of all time). In this long novella, giant airships, ancient artifacts, and larger-than-life heroes and heroines populate an inhospitable world of ancient, and rapidly disintegrating technology. – Patrick Cumby – Author of The Endless World of Wonder.

When Euphrankes Holmynn, Captain of the Airship Vector, approaches the High Council with a plan for launching an airship through The Second Veil, an energy barrier that has protected their planet since the beginning of their collective memories, he is dismissed and banished from the city. The Second Veil, and the First, which is made up of the domed cities and shielded roads of their planet, are the only things protecting the shrinking resources that keep them all alive. When the priests in the Chamber of Stars spot a flaming, alien object on a collision course with their planet, and the city of Urv itself, everything changes; such a disaster could kill thousands.

Armed with a brilliant mind and a miraculous new technology, Euphrankes and his team, along with Maester Zins of the airship Axis, must combine forces with the High Council and find a way to save their city, and their planet from a threat unlike any they’ve ever encountered. The Second Veil is the second novel in The Tales of the Scattered Earth. Filled with fast action, and steampunk technology, this second novel in the popular new series Tales of the Scattered Earth is a perfect follow on to Aaron Rosenberg’s “Birth of the Dread Remora,” widening the over-all story arc of the series. These novels are stand-alone works – they do not need to be read in order.

THE SECOND VEIL is the second full-length novel in The Tales of the Scattered Earth, joining Aaron Rosenberg’s BIRTH OF THE DREAD REMORA, HONOR OF THE DREAD REMORA, and Crossed Paths, and Keith R. A. DeCandido’s GUILT IN INNOCENCE. Each author begins with their own world, their own culture, their own story…but there is something out there…something that will draw them altogether. 


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I created this series along with author Aaron Rosenberg long ago. We also brought in Keith R. A. DeCandido for one book. Currently it’s mostly dormant… I have one entry in the series. I’m simply going to link the Amazon and Audio pages for these books for now.

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Currently only The Second Veil, Guilt in Innocence, and Crossed Paths are available in audio – narrated by Mike Spring (Second Veil) Kyle McCarley (Guilt in Innocence) and Dave Courvoisier (Crossed Paths)