The Call of Distant Shores

Thirteen tales of Elder Gods, Darkness, horror and Lovecraftian madness by Bram Stoker Award Winning author David Niall Wilson. From crazed sculpting tenants, to giant wooden cockroaches, to Tarot cards and a creepy old barber shop, these stories lead through doorways and down corridors that are not of this world. Published for the first time in this volume is the story Anomaly. Order here in ebook, audiobook and trade paperback.

Contents Include:

Author’s Introduction
Glenn & The Tart of Mortar Psycho Maine Tenants
The Milk of Paradise
Are You Lookin’ For Herb?
Cockroach Suckers
Darkness, and the Light
Death, and His Brother Sleep
Death Did Not Become Him – with Patricia Lee Macomber
From My Reflection, Darkly
The Lost Wisdom of Instinct
Rending the Veil
The Hall of Captured Gods
The Call of Distant Shores


“If you revere the ‘traditionalists’ of the horror field like I do — Lovecraft, Hugh B. Cave, Clark Ashton Smith, Manly Wade Wellman (who was one of my mentors, I’m proud to say) — then you’ll love these tales. Many of them would have had pride of place in any issue of Weird Tales in the 30s or 40s.”–Al Sarrantonio, author of Skeletons, Moonbane, and Halloween and Other Seasons