The Fall of the House of Escher & Other Illusions

This is my first collection of short stories. It was originally published as a signed, limited edition trade paperback in 1995. This book includes many early stories that have never been reprinted, and two – notably “On the Third Day,” and “A Candle Lit in Sunlight” that were later expanded to full-length novels. In those days, I seemed to write a lot of short fiction with religious overtones – The contents include:

The Fall of the House of Escher – Original to this collection – Born from a discussion on titles with Lawrence Watt-Evans.
A Candle Lit in Sunlight – This novellette, published in Starshore & Reprinted in YBH XIX by Karl Wagner was expaned a few years laster into the novel This is My Blood“.
Miracles in the Night – Written for a White Wolf Vampire the Masquerade chapbook – Norfolk by Night.
On the Third Day – This story was original to the collection. Later it became a screenplay, and a novel.
Yours, The Vengeance – Original to this collection – born of a US Navy discussion about horrible ways to death. It involves hooks and slides.
On the Road to Damascus – Original to this collection – an alternate version of Saul of Tarsus’ blinding.
Sparkling Eyes – Written for an old girlfriend, an old man and a promise. Maybe the only nearly straight romantic, literary story I’ve had published.

The Fall of the House of Escher & Other Illusions is available in eBook (including the original black and white illustrations from the late and sorely missed Augie Wiedemann) for only $2.99. It is also available in Unabridged Audio – performed by Michael J. Fischbein.