It turns out, after counting and chasing links, that I have written thirty-four published novels so far. Putting them all one page was going to be a disaster, so I broke it down like this… Stand-alone novels have their own page. Original series novels have their own page. Tie-in novels have their own page. I have not yet figured out what I will do with non-fiction, novellas, or a bibliography of short stories yet. There are a lot of those, and, currently about seven collections.

I may pull most of those and revamp how I am presenting the stories. Most of the collections are not and never were in print, just eBook (and sometimes audio). I am definitely putting together a new collection this year. I ‘ve written a good bit of new stuff, and have had stories in occasional anthologies since the last collection went live. I just need a new look. I need the excitement of a new collection coming out to draw some attention back on the work.

There are two novels in progress. One is Tattered Remnants. That one is sort of a serial killer novel, and sort of not. It is definitely very dark in places. All that remains is for me to go back and insert a chapter or two that sets up what ended up being the conclusion (also not written). This is the fate of those who write by the “pants” method. I use both methods, and I thought I knew where this one was going, but it jumped way off the track, and is better for it.

The second is (Working title) Horror Novel. The intent is to work every single trope and cliche horror has to offer into one book with several storylines that merge. I’ve got a decent start on it, and that book makes me smile more than anything I’ve written in a long while.

I have upcoming stories in the anthologies Tales of Capes & Cowls (a tie-in between The DeChance Chronicles and my superhero YA series HOODS) – that story is titled “Hopscotch,” and I’m eager to see how it does. I also have a long story in the next volume of Cemetery Dance‘s SHIVERS series… the story being “Hickory Nuts & Bones.” In my mind, it’s the best thing I’ve written in years.

That’s enough for now. I will leave you with a picture of a cat… well, two cats.

Stormageddon, Dark Lord of Awwwwww snuggling with Pants when Pants was a kitten.

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