This is straight on folk/creature horror that starts out of the gate with solid action and only heats up along the way.  A strange old family on a farm with a dark past.  Sacrifice, pacts with things best left alone a storm that locks everyone on the mountain in, and anyone who could help out, all put sheriff Elli Cheetham and those she serves and protects in a danger none of them are ready to accept, let alone defend against.

One thing that struck me as a US reader is the similarities between the poor mountain people in thie story and our own Appalachian communities.  If not for some of the language, or the fact I already knew this was set in the UK, I might have thought it was taking place in Tennessee.  Crazy people, crazier monsters, and not much time to solve it before everyone dies.

A lot of fun and with perfectly believable characters.  Good stuff.

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