Here we are in 2023. This is going to be a word-heavy, productive year for me, and it’s time I updated everyone on some of what’s going on. My collection, The Devil’s in the Flaws & Other Dark Tales, is available… everywhere. Even in bookstores. If it’s NOT in your bookstore, ask them to order it. Please. That’s how we get out there. The reviews on that book have been outstanding. There’s a lot of “me” in that one.


Next up in 2023 is the NFT MINT of my novel HEART OF A DRAGON – Book 1 of The DeChance Chronicles. This will come out in a limited edition of 1000 individual NFTs from BOOK.IO on the 18th of January. There will be a certain number of unique covers, then some more common covers, and at least one other rarity factor that I’m not going to divulge yet. Eventually I expect most, or all of my books to come out through that site, so don’t miss out on this first one. I have also created Worlds of David Niall Wilson NFTs that will allow the holder to get a discount on every book I do through the site. It will also make holders eligible for special collectible NFTs, deals, and giveaways that others will not see. You can mint them right here on my website. You can now buy books from JPG store (like the used bookstore for NFT books) using a credit card and they have simplified the entire project. To MINT (like a lottery for the rarest books and only available until the print run sells out) you need a Cardano (ADA) “wallet”. I’ll post instructions on my NFT PAGE.

I am about a third of the way through a novella that should be published sometime in the next year, have just completed a new story featuring Donovan DeChance and Cletus J. Diggs, and have stories in at least two upcoming anthologies so far. The collection is still discounted at $2.99 until a promo at Barnes & Noble ends (the eBook only) so you can still get a copy cheap… but it’s a pretty paperback… (Just Saying).

Hope your New Year is going well. Mecury still in retrograde and no matter how often I tell myself that’s crap, the number of odball things going wrong is starting to drive me bonkers.

Until next time – DNW

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