This is a great take on a possession story. All of the characters are well defined, and the scares are real as Maragaret Willow races to unwind the mystery of what has taken control of 11 year old Natalie before it consumes her from within. Frustrated at each turn, the story winds through Catholic lore, spiritualism, and, in the end, much darker places.

There is a heat, and a hunger, that will not be satiated. There is very little chance of success. The imagery is stunning and oh-so-chilling with a young girl’s life, and that of her would be savior, ont the line.

I listened to the audiobook and was entranced by the articulate, precise narration of Gemma Amor. It was abolutely perfect for this story and lent it an air of reality that a less – elegant? – voice might not have managed.

Highly recommended, and having read several of the author’s works in recent months, showing a range that is formidable.

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