This may, or may not appeal to a wide variety of readers, but it should. Anyone who believes the lives of writers, screenwriters, actors, or any creatives are simple, easy, or a big party needs to get hold of some of Brian Keene’s non-fiction and (mostly) non-fiction and pay attention. This book is a glimpse inside his trip to the Sundance Film Festival when his movie GHOUL premiered there.

Full Transparency, I already know most of the people who are characters, and there is an added level of fun hearing about their esapades among the rich and famous. The insights on Hollywood, though, and on those who are non-stop yakking movie-speak, going on about themselves, drinking too much coffee and not really creating things – just attached – are precious. The genuine emotion behind the telling of the story, the reactions a variety of brand new experiences, both good and bad, and the underlying hard life that brought them all to that place and time is gold.

I didn’t get to read this firs time around, but I’m glad that I have now. Highly recommended.

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