It’s been a busy year, and I’ve not posted here much. The new newsletter is at my Substack and I am learning how to keep that rolling. I have sold several short stories this year… My short story “As Long as You Feed,” was published in the anthology Blood in the soil, Terror in the Wind edited by Kenneth Cain last August. That was sort of the start of a rebirth. My story “Secretshit.txt” sold to the Short Wave Media anthology OBSOLESCENCE – gorgeous book and presentation and great stories. My story “I Was Going to Tell You Tonight,” sold to the upcoming anthology DEATHREALM: SPIRITS (not out yet). I am writing a novella currently titled “When You Leave, I Disappear,” that I love, three novels, and am waiting with hopeful heart on a submission of a novella (short novel) titled Closing Time at the Sunny-Side-Up.

More imminent… Vintage Soul, book 2 of The DeChance Chronicles mints as an NFT on Tuesday, 27 June. Very excited about this new technology. For now it’s collectible and fun but the business that is being built could change digital publishing forever. Not going to get into that here. I posted about it on Twitter.

The Devil’s in the Flaws & Other Dark Truths is available in all formats

Information about my NFT editions is available here.

Informatkion about the upcoming mint/publication of Vintage Soul is here.

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