Will’s life is not easy. It all begins when they win a baseball game, and then everything starts sliding downhill. Will’s father is gone. His mother likes pills a little too much… the girl he likes and who likes him is dating an old, bigger bully…his little sister needs him to basically raise her… and that’s just life on a normal day.

When ancient legends start slipping into his reality, the every bully in town targets him, and a serial killer who eats children is suddenly loose, Will and his friends run straight ahead into a line of horrors, bad luck and more, each new challenge slapping them harder.

Children of the Dark is part coming of age, part monster movie tribute, with a hint of Lovecraft and a heavy dash of Stephen King. It builds from a tense beginning to a lightning-round finish that reminds me of the hero from Sharknado looking to the future, and the last words of David Boreanaz at the end of ANGEL.

I listened to the audiobook, and Matt Godfrey does a masterful job of voicing a wide variety of charcters, slipping from one to another with ease and creating real characters you come to care about, even if Will is the luckiest and least attentive action hero in history.

Children of the Dark is Highly recommended and a ton of fun.

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