Writing a believable novel, with characters that make sense in our reality, but clearly and firmly planted in another, is a difficult task. Not only does Hailey Piper pull this off, but her protagonist, Ya Ya, is someone you care about and root for from page one, though (as are most of us) Ya Ya is bent, though not broken, by the circumstances of her existence.

In a society where a futuristic and horrifyingly powerful big pharma company has created chimeras, changing certain people in a way that has given them part ownership, there are far too many close parallels to our own world for comfort, and the author uses these deftly to take horrors we already face and drive them to extremes, while still managing to create close, warm moments for the characters, and even some scattered humor.

As things whirl further and further out of control, the characters drawn in, mostly against their will, it is nearly impossible to pull away from the story until the climax. One thing is certain, I will never think of peanut butter in the same way again.

Highly recommended.

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