Gabino Iglesias has managed something very difficult in The Devil Takes You Home. He has managed to create a rocket-fuel burning adventure story with dark magic, extreme violence, intrigue and plenty of action , while also presenting deeply resonant themes of racially-fueled pain and Latino culture. Nothing is quite as it seems, with the possible exception of the clearly defined systemic racism built into the characters, and their society.

This is not a novel of hope. This is not a novel of friendship, or good deeds. There are no heroes. It is dark, unrelenting, and passionate, as the best crime fiction always is. The elements of dark magic and supernatural creatures serve to punctuate elements of the plot, and the characters. They aren’t jarring, but are prestented in ways that make them integral to the story… emphasizing the at times over-the-top character flaws, and their roots.

I listened to the audio version of this book. The narrator, Jean-Marc Berne, brought the Spanish elements to life. The characters were well-defined and the pace was smooth.

This is a very intriguing novel from a powerful voice. I am sure we will be hearing more from this author, and if we’re lucky it will make its way to Hollywood. Highly Recommended.

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