Tell Me an Ending
by Jo Harkin (Goodreads Author)
David Wilson‘s review May 10, 2022

This was not the book I expected it to be from the description. It was a lot more of a slow burn. I am pretty sure all of us have at least one memory that we would at least want to consider deleting, something that haunts us, or changed us, or simply depresses us until we can’t move on. In “Tell Me an Ending,” Jo Harkin explores the implications of this from many angles, and with a twist.

The Nepenthe Clinic can remove a memory for you. You have a choice, to remember what was removed, or to not remember it at all. Ever. It can’t be a childhood memory, because those are too deeply intertwined. Best to be something recent. There are also laws about things certain people are not allowed to “forget”. Then the big twist. Out of the blue people are getting notice from Nepenthe that they can, if they wish, have their memory restored. Not so bad for those who know what they gave up… but for those who don’t even know they HAD a memory removed… suspicion, pain, anger…

Tell Me an Ending is told from the viewpoints of several patients in varying circumstances as they receive that letter. It is also told from the perspective of Nor, a Dr. at the clinic, who truly believes she is doing the right thing. Helping people. She also has looked up to her supervisor, Louise, with near adoration for years… but something has changed.

As you can imagine, anything that can be sold will ultimately corrupt in the way safety glass splinters outward from an impact.

The narration is wonderful, easy on the years with clearly defined characters when necessary. I very much enjoyed this, even though I expected it to be much darker and action-oriented. Highly recommended.

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